Monday, January 21, 2013

Alert: Unlabeled canned goods, becomes labeled with a Hashgocha?

Kashrus Alert: Unlabeled canned goods, becomes labeled with a Hashgocha?

Most hashgochas do not keep  a log of traceabilty for canned goods. Therefore when a packer purchases unlabeled canned goods at a good price & puts on his own label with the Hashgocha, the item is to be considered as non-certified kosher, which most kosher consumers will not accept.

It's alledged that the Delight Company (California Delight) or any other name they may use is a packer that purchases on the open marked "unlabeled canned goods' and labels them with labels that have a Hashgocha.

Of Course you'll find some of their product with a code that indicates a hashgocha, but a lot of the product is bought unlabeled & sold in areas where people don't check for codes.
Isn't of interest that he is always cheaper, never runs out of product.

There may be others that are doing the same and the kosher certifiers via AKO should address this serious weakness in the system. Kashrus must be traceable from farm to fork.


Anonymous said...

Code from Glicks Tuna CRCP & OUP1054HN TCTH K B109
Looks like CRCKosher for Pesach . WAE water?

CAL Delight Code:
1054HN TCTH K B110
next line
Swcond line in both cases looks like hechsherim, Rav Eckstien & StarKP
Bottom line same thing, just Cal Delight a newer batch.
Both of course have no date, so they could sell it to you in 20 years if the cans haven't rusted out yet.
Again no date is a very bad sign of honesty & ehrlichkeit.
Shouldn'y one question the hechsher too?
Yudel if this code is a adte please give it.

Anonymous said...

the codes are a date
BTW, tuna in water stay three years in oil 4 years