Saturday, November 26, 2016

The"Glatt" Meat Shortage in the USA high prices v. the solution

 The average output of a Shechita in the USA should be as follows:
Glatt- 12-18%        Non-Glatt 25-30%

1-2 additional Boidkim or inspectors required for the non-glatt production. Of course the non-glatt would require additional time & personnel for the deveining (treiboring) and salting.
 Kosher Consumers in the USA are 30-35% glatt, 65-70%  non-glatt.
  The current glatt productions it would be very economical to utilize the additional 25-30% of the non-glatt as well.
    This would alleviate the meat shortage in a very short period of time of 2-3 weeks.

       This would also cause a glut in the kosher beef, which would bring down the price of beef to the kosher consumer.

     The Orthodox Union aka “OU” till a few years ago also certified non-glatt beef.
   It would be advantageous for the Supermarket chains across the USA to besiege the “OU” to step up to the plate and bring the cost of beef to the kosher consumer to a market more in line with other beef.

    The consumer in general is facing economic pressures at this time in being able to afford their basic shopping needs.

     The “OU” can do this on their own and they owe it to the kosher consumer.

Rabbi Yehuda shain


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the OU should co-certify the Hebrew National brand as well. The Hebrew National brand should be sols strictly as non-Glatt.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get these numbers. By the nirabator the glatt runs about 50%. And from that 50% MOST ARE BAIS YOSEF.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Seth Mandel was interviewed by a paper about Doheny and said the OU insists on Glatt as a way to minimize fraud because when there is much less bedika with non Glatt, people try to get away with checking nothing

He did not explain however how that allowed for fake Glatt at Rubashkin

Anonymous said...

The OU is in the Kashrut business.They are not a financial
bank or economists.
Its like asking Plubmers to do electrical work in homes to save money by not using another crew.
If the OU starts to worry about finances or the economy, they would do a shlock job in Economics AND Kashrus.

Why do you think people take Reb Yudel with a gain of salt?
Because hes involved in too many things.
Kashrus, politics, botay dinim etc. Thus he does a lousy job in all those areas.
If Reb Yudel would just stick to kashrus he would be the number one Kashrus man in the world.

Anonymous said...

12-18% ???

try 30-45% call any bodek

Anonymous said...

Lakewood Co-Op's Meuychad beef is over 50% Bais yosef Glatt.

Their regular glatt is much less than that.

So they must be defrauding their Lakewood customers.

Welcome to Lakewood.

Anonymous said...

NPGS brags to customers that they don't use any South American Alle, only North American. Is it at least true?

Anonymous said...

Yudi sounds like 'vroom aveenee'. He is against the whole wide kashrus world. All of it.
I think you should contact Hillary for some advice on how to handle this situation.

check it out, old man said...

Your using VERY old statistics.
Maybe they feed the cattle in a better way which results in more Glatt!
Maybe they inject them with stuff that yields better glatt percentage!
Just like the glaat yield of south American beef is, and always was, much higher then North America even in the days of your statistics. (it was over 90% - almost no sirchas at all - due to atmospheric conditions down there)