Tuesday, November 08, 2016

FDA- re: frozen strawberries

The U.S. Food and Drug administration, the Centers for 

Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local 

officials are investigating an outbreak of hepatitis A illnesses 

linked to frozen strawberries.


Oif yolich es hakol said...

Did you hear about the cheese scandal under OU & Babad? Check it out

Anonymous said...

Seems like the tzibbur is more afraid of the FDA then Halacha - at least Yudel Halacha.
Reb Yudel's screaming that strawberris are oosir under all and any circumstances seems to have been ignored. But when FDA opens their mouth, THEEEEEENNNN the Tzibbur listens.
Auch in Vay.

Anonymous said...

Yudel and company.

You guys gotto check out this video of a great rosh yeshivah walking into a non gender segregated hall and voting. We understand that such a hall can not be segregated, however, why would a roll model subject himself to such a situation?
Accuses are not acceptable in circumstances as such.


Same Garbage different pile said...


Anonymous said...

11:40 am is an am haaretz who never heard of chamira sakanta m'issurah.

Anonymous said...


Just a few days after corrupt Monsey developers are criticized on Pinny Lipschutz's Matzav site, the media reported that Pinny's wife was violently attacked by a Hispanic man in front of her house. Could it have been a "job" to warn Pinny to keep quiet?

Any possibility that the violent assault on Pinny Lipschutz's wife in their driveway was a contract hit to warn him to stop criticizing Grossman, Galandauer & the other corrupt bums at Matzav.com?

Pinny has also been criticizing in the Yated the yeshiva ketanos (who he does not mention are in cahoots with the developers). The chadorim are taking developer money to push the parents to vote for handpicked developer candidates. The biggest attack on the chadorim administrators so far was in a recent Yated Magazine halacha column where Rav Kaganoff tore them to pieces for not following anything in the meforshim on Chanoch Lenaar or in the sifrei poskim when they cruelly reject children.

Honesty said...

That is nothing. I have multiple videos of that rosh yeshivah walking on non gender segregated streets. I also happen to know that even his home isn't gender segregated.

Even more honest said...

Thu Nov 10, 07:33:00 AM 2016

Nu. Nu. Taakeh Ah Tayneh.

Anonymous said...

Wed Nov 09, 08:14:00 PM 2016

Sounds like one of the "Strawberry protein Esers".