Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lakewood- A local physical Rehab Center, It's almost an hour closer to NY-

We just visited a physical Rehab Center [including pulmonary rehab]in Jackson, next to NPGS.

A Jewish Community Rehab center in the Northern part of Lakewood. With the Rt #9 traffic, it's a half hour closer to New York.

Note: Located in the southern part of Lakewood, see


Anonymous said...

Yudel, do you approve of the kashrus in this place?

Anonymous said...

I had a family member there as well. They are amazing, have incredible therapy and are very understanding of the requirements for kosher observance. Mr Arthur Frisch is the frum administrator and he's a real mentch. Bh takes care of everything . He's from Twin Rivers

Anonymous said...

We went to check it out.
Wow-It's magnificent.
We saw other facilities and Nebech.

Anonymous said...

this wonderful place is strictly for "non herd mentality" people. If you do your research with an open mind (not like a sheep following the herd), you will find this place coming out on top.

thank you said...

Fri Sep 16, 09:45:00 AM 2016

Forgot to mention:

Also no nebechs in this facility.