Monday, December 05, 2016

Chasideshe Shechita?

A few years ago I called up a place where  simcha I was invited to was being made.  When I asked
whose hashgacha the place had,  the reply was "We use only Chassidishe shechita."

I then said to the person who had proudly told me this and was sure it would impress me,

 "Do you know that when Rubashkin was operating they were producing the following kinds of meat all as chasidishe schechita.
 1.  Bais Yosef, 
2.  What we call glatt 
3. ordinary kosher,
4. Hallal and
5. treif,
and it was all Chasidishe shechita,  because the only people schechting there were chassidim."  There was silence on the other end of the phone.


Anonymous said...

The truth

Anonymous said...

Only you understand this. No one else does. The proof is that they still keep on saying the same thing to all inquirers.

Anonymous said...

In Queens everything is "Maudehrin/conservative/YU/Gay/Lesbian" and stam not frim shicheeta.
We are waiting to add Bucharian Shicheeta - not sure how frim - to the list (they already have it in some restaurant basements -

Anonymous said...

Of course the other end of the line was silent, he probably thought he was talking to a mad man.