Thursday, December 08, 2016

Defining Chasidishe Shechita

That the shoichet is a superior Yirai Shomayim than other shoichtem?

That he is a better shoichet than others?

That he has sharper, smoother knives than others?

That the shoichet goes to the mikvah prior to the days shechita?
NO! They don't always, yet they shecht.

That the shoichet davens with a minyan 3 times a day?

That his wife doesn't drive a car?

That he wears the Chasidish clothing?

NO! Not Always.

He is what Chazal called a Chosid?

So what defines chasidishe shechita?

Years ago there was a dispute among the Rabonim as to what type of knife to use for shechita?

1) שני צדדים sharpened on both sides of the sharp side of the blade or 2) צד אחד Sharpened on one side only (the other side being straight with the back of the blade.

The chasidim insisted on 2 sides שני צדדים.

That is the style of sharpening common these days by practically all shoichtem.

So in fact all shechita is Chasisidesh shechita regardless of his dress, mikvah, friends, etc.


Yeshivishe shechita? said...

With this hang up that titles have to fit the definition, no wonder Yudel has so many opponents in the industry.

Anonymous said...

So true

Anonymous said...

This was a monetary decision by the chasidishe / Heimish hashgochas to have control aka money
flowing into their coffers.

Of interest, KAJ (Breuers) (Yekes) was also called chasidishe shechita. In Empire it didn't work just having KAJ hashgocha. They made another name under Rabbi Gruber, hence chasidish shechita, it didn't take off.

So they are now with nirbater / alle another chasidish shechita. But alle / nirbarter will not put their name on the Empire brand.

It's all a farce, the chasidish shechitas are not any better than some good shechitas that are not chasidish, sometimes much worse.

But they hijacked the market.

Anonymous said...

It's bigger scale than just shechita.

Hershey Friedman not just marries the Agristar meat to his plastic packaging arm but then strongarms his tzedoka recipients like BMG what to buy.

And listen to the grumbling at Flatbush restaurants when they complain about Babad & Gornish forcing them to use their shechitos only

Anonymous said...

So we see that 'chassidish' shechita is a sham, glatt is a lie and 'heimish' means whatever you want it to mean.

Kashrus is a business. It seems that the only way to make sales is to say that YOUR Kashrus is no good while MY Kashrus is better. It is so easy to go into a restaurant and say that I wont buy because your rabbi is not as holy as my rabbi ( a trick that lubavitch used in Florida and in so many other places).

Reb Moshe (Feinstein, for the Chassidim) did not hold from Glatt. And we should not, either.

Anonymous said...

I guess Rabbi Feinstein must of eaten Hebrew National.

Anonymous said...

What non Chasidish meats does Horav Yudel Shlit'a use In Stockton, NJ?/