Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Update: Vaad Tzedokah-the rest of the story

From an Email
Yudel, It may warrant an article;
1- There is no basis in halacha according Rabbi Dov Kahan head of Bais Din mayshorim in lakewood has given 23 shiurim on hilchos tzedokah in lakewood. 
2- The vaadam may have a justification that it's valid for one year as circumstances do change.  BUT they not have any right to put any limits on how long one may collect in the area. 
3- An  isshur that he's not a ramai is sufficient for the whole USA, why does each one put you through the mill? 
4- And why does each vaad charge a fee of $40.00-$100.00 and you could come twice a year. [Nice income for the vaad]
5- One must hang around for the isshuer 1-3 days. On whose cheshbon?

6- Baltimore / Star-k vaad tzedokah takes a 25% cut from the checks and vouchers. I don't know what others are taking.  
Baltimore may commonly have 10-12 collectors at a time @ 2 weeks. Each one raising $3-5000.00 and the vaad takes 25%. Do the math, $15,000.00 @ 2 weeks for the Star-k vaad  tzedokah [$350,000.00 annually] (besides their charge for @ isshur)
[In Baltimore they instituted the voucher system almost 95%.]  

7- The vaadam check with each other re the collector. So why does each one make them wait for the isshur and another charge?
8- By the chasidim there  is "NO" such a thing as a vaad tzedokah and DON'T need any isshur. 
9- What right for the vaad to decide on a recommended amount?
10- Because of ramaim one is not over on lavim and esais if you don't give any of them tzedokah. With the isshurs in place if one doesn't give he's transgressing lavs and esais. 

10- Where is the brocha of עשר בשביל שתתעשר? By the chasidim, "No isshur no vouchers" everyone is welcome not like sedom.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Queens Vaad isn't reading this to get any new, greedy ideas. They are already raking in all kinds of illegitimate profits from food, and especially kevorim, tachrichim & matzaivos. That's why even one of the Chabadsker rabbis in Queens always calls Williamsburg chevra kadisha, never Queens Vaad. When it comes to dead people, the Queens Vaad is an even bigger fraud than in kashrus hamazon, if you can imagine that. The Queens grave robbers (literally, if you know the scandal that Rav Elyashev ztl chewed them out over), don't just want to tax people to death, but also after death, provided they didn't already remove a niftar with no relatives from his kever, dump the bones in the garbage & resell the plot to secular Russians.

The Queens Vaad will stop at nothing to fund their "living wages", donations to yeshivos where kids of Queens Vaad staff are enrolled (in place of tuition?), and "loans" for sprucing up Schwartz's house (see the Queens Vaad's IRS filings at Guidestar.org).

Sweet potato temoura said...

It's a chutzpah that people who only give a dollar (or even 5) ask to see the ishur. Give the guy a break, it's embarrassing enough for him to have to go collecting door to door, and you have to ask him foe an ishur for your measly dollar. Cut the guy a check for 50 or more, than ask for your ishur.
In a related inyan why do you need the ishurs at all? Even if 30% of the mishulachim are fraudulent, would you not take a 30% risk doing a business deal? When you buy a product in a store, are so sure it's the right one for you? Is there not that element of risk anytime you spend money?
Just give with simcha & a pure heart, you'll make these exhausted & weary mishulachim so happy.

Anonymous said...

BALTIMORE does NOT charge for an ishur

Drivers (not mandatory) take a cut that is governed by Rav Heinemann to ensure they don't take too much

Vouchers are voluntary decision by DONORS


Anonymous said...

BALTIMORE "DOES" take a 25% cut from cashing the vouchers and checks. The entire BALTIMORE is on the voucher program. No cash, almost no checks, definitely not made out to your institution.

Baltimore also does not allow drivers to take more than 25% cut,Otherwise [25% Star-k +33% driver] the meshulach is left with less than 50%].

Anonymous said...

Star-K does issue ishurs to goyim also "meshum- aivah", how pathetic?

Anonymous said...

I Would estimate that 90% OF Meshulachim are Chasidim SO IT WOULD not be in their personal interest to have a Vaad or Ishur. The Vaad and Ishur are there primarily to protect the Litvaks, and Non Chasidim from Tzedaka abuse and Physical abuse and Female Assaults from shady Chararcters as has happened in Baltimore , Lakewood, Brooklyn, etc on more than one occasion

Get Yudels Shnorr Breef today said...

Sweet potato temoura said...

There some people who use mayseh money to give tzdakah. And yes, even 1 dollar given to the wrong person is assur.
The reason there are ishurs to begin with is not for the dollars collected it is for the big bucks that most people would not give otherwise.It is very well for the meshulachs advantage to get a ishur if he intends to collect that type of money.

Most other meshulachim do not waste their time and money for ishurs.

Now to Yudel.
It seems from your screaming and hollering that you are willing to sit all day and wait for meshulachim to come and get a ishur from you on the spot.
You imply that your time, phone expenses, paper and document security etc. would be paid from your pocket.
So the 't'vee'ah' is now on you. Start a ishur distribution today as of 1PM.
No complaints should be lodged on the others who do not have this luxury.

Monsey said...

The "best" scams have been perfected in Monsey by the chassidishe to shnor from their own kind as well as yeshivishe & modern orthodox.

They overextend themselves on large luxury dwellings they cannot possibly afford & then cry that they have no money to make simchos so everyone has to bail them out. At the head of this "movement" is someone who once pulled sort of a ponzi scheme in Lakewood. When he said the oylam had to pay for his daughter's simcha, rabbonim were suspicious & inquiring about his finances. The head of Tomchei Shabbos chewed the "movement" out in a magazine interview last year that they also come shnorring there for all their food. he suggests they cut out their real estate binges & leave the food for real nitzrochim.

Anonymous said...

the monsey ausnutzers are a serious problem. some rabbonim are even in effect covering up for them as long as there is no 100% proof of fraud. but it's not like a faker will hand you documentation that he is cheating everyone. meanwhile r' elchonon in yevomos learns if you give to a faker you do not get the schar.

and the yeshivos charge us higher tuitions to make up for all the freeloading shnorrers who unjustly don't pay for their kids. the haymishe yeshivos should start the detective system used by the modern orthodox schools where they find out who went on expensive vacations & throw the kids out until every dime of tuition is paid back by the shnorrer parents. our yeshivos think they are so smart by monitoring bank accounts but the fake shnorrers always have an unmonitored source of money for vacations

Shmoige said...

Really, we need vacations. The answer isn't to tzedruck everyone who spends on their families. The answer is to tell the oilam to work and earn lots of money and be well to do like the zaides did when they came to America after the Holocaust.

Anonymous said...

There was a poshutta frucht moycher named Harry whose 2 sons became major talmidei chochomim & whose 2 daughters married more of the same.

Why was he zoyche? Because even though it was a struggle he paid tuition, never shnorring or asking for a reduction.

This was Harry Schiff zl whose sons are R' Shea, eidim of R' Shraga Feivel & rosh yeshiva of Beis Shraga, and R' Yankel, eidim by the Brisker Rov. The daughters are married to Beis Medrash Letorah rosh yeshiva Rav Feivelson & Stamford rosh yeshiva Rav Hershkowitz.

Flatbush Fressers Inc said...

The "detective" at the co-ed school called "Yeshiva" of Flatbush actually checks what kind of cars are in the driveway & if the house is made from stam brick or very expensive ones imported from Italy, which especially among the SYs is a status symbol vos me darft keepin' up with the Jones.

Anonymous said...

Just visited BALTIMORE. STAR K not involved. It's Agudah Israel of BALTIMORE.
No cut goes to the shul on checks written to Agudah.

Schools sell "Agudah" scrip for 25% above face value so if a meshulach gets $1 the school got 1.25 meshulach DOES NOT LOSE .

Drivers pay limited by Community Takana to protect meshulachim

FREE food for meshulachim distributed at one of the local restaurants. All they need is an Agudah Ishur

Honestly, Baltimore is a real chashuve place I was impressed

HoEmes Yoreh Darko said...


How can you come to this site and say the truth?

Aren't you embarrassed to even comment on Yudels?

If its something positive about Baltimore or Rabbi Heinemann please don't post it on Yudels. That's not what this blog is about!

Sorry. Please don't feel bad or cry.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

The mishluchim say they take 25 percents and all of the other things going on.
i understand that baltimore people get sold on what ever the godfather feeds them.
it's all crow.

Baltimore, the City that Breeds said...

The City is corrupt in gantzen. And 95% of the administrators in national Agudah are from Baltimore which is where much Agudah corruption comes from. R' Elya kept Baltimore for many years from anything more choshuv than paper pushing after someone considered "big" insulted the Steipler Gaon. Many molesters in the velt arein learned in Ner Yisroel than from other yeshivos. The yeshiva is in cahoots with Baltimore Agudah, which controls the Baltimore beis din, to cover up for molesters. When Mr. Phil Rosen was moiche against the molesters they put up a sign against him in Baltimore Agudah calling him kelev chozer al kiyo and telling everyone to avoid him & his business. There was also an arrangement made later to buy the business employing him so that he wouldn't have a job anymore.

Anonymous said...

Wed Dec 21, 02:22:00 PM 2016

Oh. He's feeling bad AND crying.

Nebach. Lets say some t'hillim for him.
Whats your mother's name?

Anonymous said...

In today's day and age it's no longer an embarrassment. It used to be but not any more