Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Fruit infestation

Even the fresh blueberries from the NJ farm stands were checked and are infested big time.


Neshama said...

Many of these infested fruits are dying and half rotten. Of course they will be infested. What's the hiddush here? after fruit has been sitting for days, at home or at the store, the likelihood of insects is prevalent. Never buy old fruit.

Show us fresh, before over-ripe, fruit and where there is infestation infestation? This is what one should only eat, fresh before ripe fruit, after washing very well and checking.

Anonymous said...

R' Yudel,

There are blueberry farmers off Route 9 south of Lakewood and off Route 70 west of Lakewood.

Why don't you go there and check the freshest blueberries off the bush to see if they are as badly infested as pints that have been transported, stored in midway warehouses & sitting on store shelves for who knows how long.

If the farm fresh ones are ok then there must be at least some store bought that are ok too.