Saturday, September 14, 2013

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When posting comments, make sure it's in compliance with the Chofetz Chaim's sefer Shmiras-Haloshon.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you being a hypocrit? Or are you speaking about yourself or it applies to anyone but yourself?

Anonymous said...

Being that there is a toyeles horabim to be mefarsem on kashrus fraud vechadoymeh that the Chofetz Chaim actually holds is a chiyuv to say, it should be easy to comply with the Yudelstake "terms of service"!

Anonymous said...

A rov in Eretz Yisroel wrote a halacha teshuva where he proves there is one taus in Chofetz Chaim / Shmiras Haloshon. The Chofetz Chaim writes that most Rishonim-Achronim hold it is still assur to repeat something already publicly revealed like by a newspaper. The teshuva goes through to count all the Rishonim-Achronim, most of whom are mattir.

Now it is fine if the Chofetz Chaim wants to be machmir like a daas yochid, but it is a mistake to say that rov poskim hold like that.

I showed this to a big posek today and he said it is takka a peleh on the Chofetz Chaim but something that the yeshivos chose to ignore.

Anonymous said...

Kol Hakavod! Hope this will be the case! Definitely,a great way to start right after Yom Kippur. Gemar To to all!

Yakov Kirschenbaum said...


Is this post a joke?

(considering the stuff that's posted on this website)

Anonymous said...

The Chofetz Chaim says not to make it a habit to speak Lashon hora about goyim in case you become murgal & speak about Yidden too, so I will not ask loaded questions about too many goyim, but is there a scandal behind this resignation?:

LAKEWOOD — Township Manager Michael Muscillo has resigned from his post, Township Committeeman Raymond G. Coles confirmed Tuesday.

Muscillo did not give a reason to township officials for his decision in his resignation letter dated Monday. Deputy Mayor Steven Langert said Muscillo resigned for a personal reason.

Deputy Township Manager Steven Reinman will serve as interim manager until a replacement is hired, Coles said.

The Township Committee is considering a search committee to select a replacement, he said.

Mechaven letoyeless said...

Remember this pirsum to expose unzerra heimishe baal habatim so that they will stop renting to dangerous criminals in Lakewood?

Here is a prime example of the danger these kinds of criminals pose. One such criminal was arrested last week after trying to kidnap 2 girls of high school age around 14th St:

A Tier 2 Megan’s Law sex offender from Jackson is taken into custody for allegedly attempting to lure two female teens into his pickup truck.

Police say the first incident occurred just before 8 a.m. in the area of Pinemere Avenue when a 14 year old female reported that she was propositioned by a stranger to get into his pickup truck. An hour later, police say a 15 year old female reported a similar incident in the vicinity of Kimberly Avenue. Both females fled and told their parents who immediately reported the incidents to police.

Township Police say they quickly located 29 year old Nicholas Ravaioli who was still driving in the area and took him to headquarters for questioning.

Following an interview by detectives from the Lakewood Police Department and County Prosecutor’s Office, Ravaioli was arrested and charged with Luring and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

Ocean County Superior Court Judge Wendel Daniels set bail at $300,000 no 10 % and placed him in the Ocean County Jail. Nicole’s Law was also implemented assuring that he have no contact with the victims.

Los Angeles said...

Doheny which was sold by Rechnitz to Kagan has been sold yet again to the Bistritzky family who put back under the RCC.

Kagan said he was "frustrated" with all the walls he ran into trying to reconcile between the RCC & Rabbi Teichman.

The Bistritzkys took over Ahavah Dairy after the scandal there but were not successful in turning it around.

Blogger Beware said...

Sep 15, 11:39:00 AM 2013

1. If this "Rov" in Israel knows about all those 'Rishonim-Achronim' You can bet your bottom dollar that so did the Chofetz Chaim, whose life was dedicated to these 'inyonim'. That should speak for itself.

Sat Sep 14, 11:09:00 PM 2013

2. 'Toyeles horabim' comes with MANY conditions attached which most people do not comply with.
Thus, it NOT EASY to find a 'heter' to be 'mefarsem' any Gossip (no matter how juicy) let alone a Chiyuv.

Lets not be deceived by these "Hol-chay Ro-chil.

Anonymous said...

The rabbonim I spoke to about the Chofetz Chaim shita are simply mishtomem why the Chofetz Chaim would say most Rishonim-Achronim hold like him when they clearly do not.

There is the slight chance that he did not have access to those seforim but more likely he didn't want the velt to know anything except the daas yochid to be machmir.

There is an inyan of roshei yeshiva who are more machmir than the halacha for their oylam. There was one rosh yeshiva who assered any kind of washing on Yomtov except for "cold water only from the sink only with no soap and no shampoo". The yeshiva's posek approached him with a Mishna Brurah and started arguing but the rosh yeshiva would not back down. There is a point that if someone does not know the halachos well he will be nichshol on some prat halacha while washing. I could see why the Chofetz Chaim would not want people "gossiping" even when most poskim allow it. But still, there is no mokom for "Blogger Beware" to attack anyone who simply points this out.

Anonymous said...

'Toyeles horabim' comes with MANY conditions attached

Really? Maybe you have an unknown edition of Chofetz Chaim from genizah because the ones in print do not have 'MANY' conditions.

Sounds more like the person making that comment is guarding an uncomfortable truth that has already been reported in the newspapers

bugs said...

The Shotzer hashgocho was getting lettuce from Egypt?

Anonymous said...

The Vaad hakashrus of Fairfield County CT said they will not protest Chof K / Rabbi Gissinger coming into their territory to give hashgocho only if the Jewish owner of the ice cream store does not work in the store on Shabbos.

Does that mean if the local modern orthodox rabbis did not insist, Rabbi Gissinger would have no problem with giving hashgocho while a Yid is mechalel Shabbos?

The ice cream is of course not cholov Yisroel either.

Anonymous said...

"The ice cream is of course not cholov Yisroel either."

Why "of course"?

Does this blog comply with Yudel's new 'no Loshon Horah" (aka no LoHo) Policy?

you said WHAT???!!! said...

"he didn't want the velt to know anything except the daas yochid to be machmir."

Your view and opinion demonstrates your basic ignorance of the Gedolim of previous generations in general and of the Chofetz Chaim in particular.
in the latter case, your border with 'Apikoursous' as defined by the Rambam and other poskim.

(If you said something like that about Reb Eliyashev or YBLC Reb Kanyevsky and others they would throw you out permanently from whatever community you reside in).

Anonymous said...

Mon Sep 16, 03:25:00 PM 2013

This guy is stam a Yentah.

Anonymous said...

The rosh yeshiva who assered kimat any kind of washing on Yomtov did not want his oylam to know the numerous other shitos l'hokail, so why is it so shver to say that either the Chofetz Chaim was doing something similar with repeating newspaper reports or he maybe did not see the seforim of the many mattirim?

And since 10:52 am seems to "know it all", what is his explanation as to why the Chofetz Chaim would say that most Rishonim-Achronim hold like him when they clearly do not.

By the way, the velt was not mekabel R' Moishe's chumra to not open potato chip bags on Shabbos. Is the genius critic going to make everyone into apikorsim for not following the posek hador?

Anonymous said...

And since you brought up Rav Elyashev ztl & Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita,

Rav Elyashev never as far as I know said or wrote anything that is easily disproven.

Rav Kanievsky actually did once and was moydeh that he made the mistake when everyone asked. That was after he wrote a letter supporting a murderer. He says he was duped because he saw letters from the other gedolim containing what he thought were real signatures when they were in fact mezuyef.

You sound like a real hotheaded character. Is there anything else in your opinion that people should be thrown out of their kehillos for?

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to see on the Chof K website that Rabbi Gissinger's fellow Lakewooders R' Shmuel Meyer Katz & Rav Felder are also the hashgocho's poskim.

Are they going along with the no checking for bugs or does Rabbi Gissinger have the ultimate authority to override them?

Anonymous said...

just a heorah, i saw kadmonim say it was a terrible mistake with consequences on the part of adam harishon when he decided to be more machmir with chava on the eitz hadaas than what the eybishter assered. the eybishter told him don't eat but he decided it was in the interest of chava to add that she be told not to touch either. the nachash used that as a pesach to be machshil. he pushed chava against the eitz and said, you see, nothing happened. the kadmonim say the nachash may not have been able to trick her without adam's self-imposed chumra, which is musser for us all

Jewish Board of Advocates for Children said...

A very important point is that Sefer Chofetz Chaim is often taken out of context, in fact completely misrepresented when there is a chiyuv to say lashon harah. The Chofetz Chaim himself noted that people wrongfully hold back information they should report for shidduchim.

And when monsters are abusing children which our great poskim equate with murder, there are misguided or corrupt people in both the Charedi & modern orthodox worlds who cite "lashon harah" to aid the abusers. That is the furthest thing from what is the halacha.

Anonymous said...

There he goes again. First he invents non-existent conditions of toeles and now this:

border with Apikoursous' as defined by the Rambam and other poskim

Where in Rambam & which other poskim?

You can't provide mareh mekomos because they don't exist?

Thought so.

Anonymous said...

Without mentioning any names or simanim of course, I know who is making those combative comments against anyone who voices another shita in hilchos lashon horah. He definitely is hotheaded. And he definitely is jumpy over newspaper articles published regarding someone in his extended mishpooche which he will even invent issurim if he has to in order to make sure that no one else finds out about it.

He is also the same guy who makes snide comments against R' Yudel on almost every new post, insinuating he is all about money and those sarcastic comments about customers "shpatzeering" right in to places approved by R' Yudel.

If it walks & talks like the same batlan who sits around pontificating the same hostile points against R' Yudel when not blogging (and veisst men duch he wants a blackout on the shmutz reported in the papers), then "you can bet your bottom dollar" (if you are a mesachek bakuvya in the casinos like people in his mishpooche) that it is the same batlan blogging here.