Friday, March 29, 2013

Update-1:The Doheny Meat Scandal in LA, Ca. Who's at fault?

Stay tuned- There is available a DNA system of tracking the kosher, glatt, etc meat.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why some Heimish hashgocha claims to be the best Hashgocha? "Attributes"!!

1-They claim the new company with pre-washed Romaine, Lettuce, Cabbage is Green-House grown, ........Hashgocha knows it's not true-It's market product.

2- When others ask the Mashgiach "is any of the chocolate Blommers"? He is told by certifier to lie and say NO. The mashgiach wants to know, "is you concern milchig, lechitin or other kashrus issues? Really all of them is the concern.

3- Make a PESACH production of oil, and the mashgiach forgot to go to the production. Hashgocha doesn't know which citric acid was used, Chometz, kitniyous, or pesachdik.

4- Heimish certifier  themselves don't use their own "broineh zeklach of salt & sugar for pesach". Domino sugar and Diamond crystal salt is just fine for them for pesach.

5- Heimish hashgochas are fine with OU oils from any of their plants. Heimish hashgocha is very comfortable with the OU Palm oils shipped in holding tanks, etc with no mashgiach.

6- Pretzel in Pesach potato chips?

7- Shufra Pesach adulterated cocoa powder from China, No mashgiach at production in China, No mashgiach at packing that was done at a packer that also does chometz.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Reliable source for Bais-Yosef beef

A Reliable source for Bais-Yosef beef is
SOLOMONS & Fischels. It's under the hashgocha of New Square Bais din. It's strictly North American beef.

Alle / Meal Mart has changed their Bais Yosef standards in their beef.

The  NPGS / Lakewood Co-op's beef, even though much of it is labeled as Bais Yosef,  should not be relied upon to be Bais yosef.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ridvaz-Kashrus in America-a repeat performance

A Fascinating Historical Feature Highlighting the Formidable Hurdles, Particularly in Kashrus, Faced by American Jewry at the Beginning of the Last Century

Friday, March 01, 2013

What's the rest of the story? See our previous articles on the issues

Breaking News Disease Threatens U.S. Kosher Chicken Supply at Empire Kosher and Other Plants

Vaccine Available, But Outbreaks Persist- By Josh Nathan-Kazis Published March 01, 2013.

A mutated chicken virus has threatened the kosher poultry industry. Due to the virus, large proportions of the chickens killed at kosher slaughterhouses in recent months were found to be unfit for kosher consumption.

צומת הגידין is a serious issue of טריפות "Treifus" KASHRUS ALERT- UPDATE

צומת הגידין is a serious issue of טריפות "Treifus".
*                *                 
Empire, Meal Mart / Alle, Malchus, etc are all processed at the same plant that raises their own poultry. There are צומת הגידין issues.

The best shoichet can't make a treif chicken kosher.

Kiryas Joel, Dave Elliot, Agri Star, Aarons, Marvid etc don't raise their own poultry.

Most poultry plants get their live poultry from various growers. When they find an issue with "tzomes-hagidin", they use different growers that don't have the problem.

One processor (Empire/Mealmart/Alle/Malchus) raises their own poultry, when there is a problem with "tzomes hagidin" they don't have the option of using other growers.
End result- may have serious Kashrus issues.

Your options / choices are therefore limited!

WHY?, The Satmar (Zalman Leib's) & the Volover use the Alle/Empire poultry even though there are other processors that don't have these serious issues.