Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kashrus Alert: Costa Rican meat being passed off as kosher certified

There is Costa Rican beef in the USA being passed off as kosher certified, yet there are no labels, seals or anything else indicating that it's indeed kosher certified.

Rabonim instructed them to "kasher" their keilim.

When it's not your safe

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spirits Unlimited is Jewish owned

Spirits Unlimited is Jewish owned, It's alleged his chometz was not sold properly therefore it's חמץ שעבר

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Urns- אין צריך טבילה?

Urns- אין צריך טבילה?
There was an article in a recent kashrus currents re: the Urns that state it does not require Tevilah. The article addressed some concerns and suggested that there may be acceptable reasons why it does not require tevila (connected to the ground with the electric cord).

Reb Moshe Feinstein, and the Chazon Ish, Z"L say one should not eat at a restaurant or caterr that does not toivel his utensils.

Reb Moshe says that one may remove the solid food and put it on the table and eat it (the food does not become Ossur), but not eat it straight from the plate, a soup or tea can't be consumed.

The Urns are manufactured in the Peoples Republic of China. The Rabonim and the importer work out a contract that provides among the following; the materials are purchased by the Jewish importer, the workers are paid by the importer, all of the manufactures overhead is paid by the importer, the facilities are leased to the importer, etc.

The contract is written in English. In the Peoples Republic of China, only a Chinese contract is enforceable, an English one is non enforceable. Therefore the heter of not toiveling has no basis. That would include the disposable aluminum pans.

May one rely on those that consider the Urn attached to the ground? and that one does not drink directly from the urn but puts the water in a cup (the water does not become ossur). Aluminum pans, may be used one time without tevila according to the Minchas Yitzchok & others. The Chinese ones are very thin gauge and can't be used more than once.

Hisachdus CRC & Shufrah do it again

Shufrah Chocolate decided to move some of their manufacturing of chocolate from a California
company (leaving an unpaid large balance). The moved to Baricini Chocolate Co. (invested about 3/4 million dollars).  Baricini is an OU certified establishment, that does Parve, Dairy, chocolate coverd Matzah, etc. The OU had a Mashgiach visit very often. The OU had a full time mashgiach for the 2-3 months that they produced for Pesach.

Along comes CRC's Hisachdus and says we are certifying Shufrah, therefore "vee need a heimish mashgiach, nisht a Orginizatzia mashgiach". So Hisachdus put into place at a dairy, parve, chocolate coverd matza facility a "heimish" mashgiach. He is in his "HEIM ish" he is not there even for pesach productions.