Sunday, June 07, 2015

From an Email, the answer is yes-at no charge.

Reb Yudel,
I heard from a reliable source that you would consider giving a Mehadrin hashgocha provided they use Positive products, Mashgiach is properly trained in bedikas toloyim, and the owner is mekabel not to talk in shul-| at no charge for the Hashgocha.?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure they would have to pay for the Mashgiach.

Anonymous said...

Watch the KCL and BMG go after yudel for the kosher chinese restaurant.

If you pick up frum rumblings about the chinese restaurant, you could be sure it's KCL and BMG stirring it up.

Anonymous said...

I always thought yudel is well funded, now we can all see it.

I hope he isn't into the businesses that some other ones are in, where gelt is never a problem.

Vos cholomtstee? said...

"KCL and BMG stirring it up"

Whatever pot the CEO needs stirred up he always has a mystery unnamed gadol who is backing him.

The rumor is that his nunteh yedid Elly Kleinman relates to him visions of Ingrisher rabbunim coming to him in chaloymos to give tzavuos.

Didn't you hear Elly by the siyum Hashas? He paid about $2 million to get up & impress vos er iz der nosei degel fin Kerestir.

Anonymous said...

Reb Yudel, Is this to new establishments or even to currently supervised ones?

Yudel Shain said...

currently certified?, may be a halachic issue, will check out if it comes up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Elly, he might not be an Ungarisher, but I hope you have a dream where Ezra HaSoifer is giving musser against yeshivos taking money from avaryonim vos voinen mit Chinese shiksas.