Sunday, June 28, 2015

In many recent shiurim in a Monsey Kolel

" The Kolel in Monsey was "machshil" klal yisroel 

by bringing in unqualified individuals to spew their venom re: infestation.

Both of the speakers are polished orators & can talk about insects but know nothing about the choimer hu'issur nor do the know the facts or the halachas. They'll quote chazal, Ramchal, chofetz chaim, etc but insects? gur'nisht.

They proclaimed "there is no problem with insects".

As Chazal say, " we can create 150 reasons to permit the sheretz".

Just because someone has few dollars to support a Kolel, does that give him the right to be mach'shil klal yisroel? R"L- 
A real Shandah to the Kolel.


Anonymous said...

Why is the rabbonus silent about Gissinger? When Heinemann jumped in to grab the Fresh Express account during a tekufa of high infestation (after even Gornish refused to certify it), 60 rabbonim signed a tzettl as a dig against Heinemann for farkoyfing infested lettuce. They didn't name him but anyone with half a clue knew who they meant.

What Gissinger is doing is even worse than Fresh Express!

Shloyma, Ich hob nisht eich gekent said...

The way one rov puts it: "Gissinger is the most dangerous man in the kashrus industry today because the velt still thinks he is the big machmir who started Bodek, but he is bichlal not the person that he was back then"

If I were to be cynical about it I would say he engineered the background to introduce Bodek for gelt. And in fact some gedolim at the time were angry at some things he did nogeya getting Bodek off the ground. But now he realized that in food service you can make even more gelt by checking nothing. So time for a new Johnny on the spot shita of no checking anything. So what if it contradicts everything he did to start Bodek? Don't get so technical when there is gelt to be made.

'Sachdis said...

Gissinger is da besta co-certifier. Aless mit shrutzim in Boidek geit gleich mit em

Monsey said...

During one of the phases of monkey business with Kyo restaurant on Route 59 a rov told me he was upset at how Rabbi Gissinger who was a baal davar was handling things.

Anonymous said...

Yudel. Why don't you offer to go to the Kollel in Your shtut Monsey and give over the real thing? Do it for free so no one can have taynis.

Anonymous said...

That's beside sholomo Zalman Kuafman from Bais Howrah at 10 Maple terrace, you may be Talmid chocum but Sechal you don't have just ask Glatt Gurmet in Lakewood,

Modennakeit said...

Ess passt takka that Gissinger came to Lankry's shul / kollel out of all the places in Monsey. Poke your head in there one time to see what a modenna place it is. After attracting every misfit in town, whoever is not a misfit is a mixture of modern orthodox, bummy chassidish, sfardish, Lubav and out of towner.

Lankry who mein Ich is Moroccan used to be Saffra's rabbi for the Syrians in Florida and then the rabbi of the Sfardi minyan in ultra-modern 5th Ave Synagogue in Manhattan.

Lankry gives hashgocho on a Route 59 restaurant which the Chassidishe oylam has been complaining is partially owned by an ex-Skverer who went completely off the derech. The fact that Lankry is promoting Gissinger does not speak well for what kind of standards are in Lankry's restaurant.

Stam said...

Your commenting guidelines say: "All commentors should make sure it's in compliance with the Chofetz Chaim's shmiras haloshon sefer."

I was curious as to how comments 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 met that standard.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they had a shul like this in Lakewood the kids wouldn't be hanging out around the lake and smoking on the holy Shabbos!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lankry once brought in a caterer for a big event under Shteinmetz's hashgocho. That caterer was using fresh cauliflower from anywhere and was not checking each leaf of romaine.

Too bad for "Stam" that the Chofetz Chaim does not write bfeirush that we should help cover up a michshol of the rabim.

Route 59 said...

Gehert az the Skverrer ausvarf was begged by Lipa Schmeltzer to come say Yizkor for his father on Yom Kipper but even that he was not maskim to do.

As much as Yudel bashes Yosef Eisen, the 5 Towns Vaad would never allow a shutef who is mechalel Shabbos. Eisen pulled the teudah from 2 different gesheften until the mechalel Shabbos shutef was forced out of the shutfus. But here is this guy in Monsey getting away with it under this Sfardishe rabbi and before that under Zushe Blech who was the previous certifier.

Stam said...

To Anonymous: I'm all in favor of NOT covering up a michshol of the rabim.
V'kein yirbu!

What's the to'eles, though, of all the gossip, character assassination, and guilt by association?