Friday, November 27, 2015

In need of a kosher Rehab center?

Nestled in Lakewood is the Leisure Chateau Rehab center. We experienced first hand the inside view of behind the scenes.

The accommodations were what anyone would want for their closest relatives. The nursing staff really cares. At times patients are demanding, abusive, etc. but the nursing staff do not lose their cool caring attitude.The rehab staff is above and beyond what anyone can expect even from an acute facility with some high class reputation. Whatever diet needs one has, the staff and the very capable  Mashgiach go to all lengths to accommodate.  Last but not least, the Administration, is beyond description for their attention to everyone's ultimate comfort.

A patient came in a wheel chair to Leisure Chateau Rehab center, he walked out and went home, 10 days later on his own 2 feet without even a cane.  


Anonymous said...

They must serve Chines food ONLY. Otherwise why would Yudel advertise this place too?
So this is the second 'piece of pie' Yudel has interest in.

Anonymous said...

Allways follow the Yudel $$$$ trail.

So what's your neggeios here?

Michael Goldman said...

Reb Yudel does not stoop to money he stands up to and speaks the truth.

Email Buddy said...

Shavua Tov, Rabbi Shain.
What's with all these troll haters?

I have asked you questions in the past and you were very knowledgeable and helpful.
Thank you.
-Email buddy.

Anonymous said...

They are very accommodating to help find Shabbos Hacnoses Orchaim. They will provide meals at no charge for a wife or husband who needs to be together.

The nursing staff is just ok but better than most.Rehab has what to be desired but you can ask for experienced people.

I would tell anyone to go there if they need to.