Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SHOCKING!-Lakewood- Men minahalim in girls Elementary /high schools?

Men minahalim in girls Elementary /high schools?
The system instituted in Lakewood is, that men interview the mothers and the daughters in reference to the dress code regarding tzinius.is their skirt to tight or the blouse?or the shoes...

We think this is against our halocha and inappropriate behavior. צניעות ??????

They have no business  being  in a building of girls /woman teachers.etc.i think this matter  has to be  addressed by the roshei yeshiva of Lakewood..since i heard that their opinion is very valued in Lakewood.




Anonymous said...

yodel will you disclose the names of the two people that like the shtey halachem?
one in bais Kaylah and one at finkel school.

Anonymous said...

Booorrrruuuuch Hashem.

Finally we get to see how Horav Hagaon Hamechadesh Hanhogos operates.

No hallachik backing just what he feeeeeels should be done.

hank you, Reb Yudel, for enlightening us.

Anonymous said...

Reb Mendel doesn't only check Daled-Minim, he's got a good eye.

Anonymous said...

Get all men out of the girls schools, there are enough qualified veiber.
There shouldn't be any men including "nisht fun unzereh" working in the girls schools-Elementary and High School and Seminaries.

Anonymous said...

First kick out the nekaivah shikshas from our yiddesheh homes. then worry about frimmer zechoorim in our maidel cheders.

Anonymous said...

No ,men should not be checking girls or their mothers for tzenius (I've never heard of it at any of my girls' schools, whether it had a man or woman as principal). But men serve as much better principals, in general. Women, no matter how qualified, are daatan kaalos, and are more prone to making wrong assumptions and decisions.

Anonymous said...

This Shain thing that men ae checking dress lengths and so on is sheker vchozov.
The women check and if its still a 'praub'lehm' the man principle will talk to the student/parent and explain the halacha/policy.
Seems like shain is about to open a girls school (next to the Chinese fress place under his 'better then all other' supervision.

Anonymous said...

there have allways been men principals in girls schoolls and evry pricipal shall make sure the students are dressed properly

Anonymous said...

since when are scoolls supossed to be mechanech the parents of the children in the old days the scooll was mechanech the children and the children are memaila mechanech there parents

basmelech said...

I had a man for a principal in elementary school and high school and male teachers both in the Judaic dept. (in elementary school and high school) and secular dept. (in high school only). I never thought it was a problem. I had a wonderful Jewish education and held all my principals and teachers in high esteem

Anonymous said...

"interview the mothers and the daughters regarding tzinius"

This was a pircha on the owner of a NY Bais Yaakov. It's a moot point now that he is in jail.

Anonymous said...

We need Ephraim Birnbaum at Ooros Bais Yackov

Birnbaum runs the local Lakewood Chapter of the Womens Liberation Movement back from the days when he was the Feminist/enforcer Dayan for Finkel Litvishe Feminist Bais Din Vaad Hadayonim

Birnbaum will educate all the Young Yiddeshe Meidelach of their American Rights how they can get Restraining orders against their future Husbands. and have them locked up in Jail

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

R' Yudel,

10:37 pm is a filthy menuvoldik joke beremiza that should be erased.

Femineest said...

The Women's Liberation Movement is a very choshuva tnua under the auspicies of the following gedolim:

Harav hagaon R' Mendel Epstein
Harav hagaon R' Hershel Schechter
Harav hagaon R' Shmuel Kaminetzky
Harav hagaon R' Sholom Kaminetzky
Harav hagaon R' Emmanuel Rackman
Harav hagaon R' Yisroel Belsky
Harav hagaon R' Gimpel Wolmark
Harav hagaon R' Moshe Heinemann
Harav hagaon R' Shlomo Riskin
Harav hagaon R' Avi Weiss
Harabbah hagaona Sara Hurwitz
Harabbah hagaona Gittel Dodelson
Harav hagaon R' Mordechai Tendler
Harav hagaon R' Jeremy Stern
Harav hagaon R' Asher Lopatin
Harav hagaon R' Velvel de Blasio
Harav hagaon R' Dovid Weinberger

Anonymous said...

Its simply amazing to see what an astounding education the posters here received in school. Even spell check fails them.

Anonymous said...

What do you want from Birnbaum? The Male Gender is not for him . He understands women and girls better and feels more comfortable around them. He tried being a 10th grade Rebbe at Rebbi Velvel Mintz Yeshiva however they fired him and Threw him out on his Head after 3 Month

It seems that he actualy had to Teach and Relate to other Human Beings instead of Just Threatning People all day with Siruvs , Arkous , Jail and Arrests. He probably tried Threatning the Bochurim and the Hanahala when they fired and they Laughed him out of there

Anonymous said...

Check out this weeks Mishpacha magazine Avrohom Gutman from Finkels Vaad Hadayonim Bais Din wrote an article
I could not believe my eyes, Gutman actually wrote that when a Monatery Dispute arises between two people or parties Both sides need to be Listened to

Anonymous said...

That is Balony I spoke to Gavriel Finkel he says there is no need what so ever to have both parties present for a Din Torah or listen to both sides of the story. Finkel said that for Years he has Paskened all types of Shaylos and disputes that arise between 2 people or parties and has issued Heter Arkous , Siruvs and Ikuls after just meeting with one person or party and listening to just one side of the story

As a matter of fact Finkel has disbanded his Bais Din a Long time ago as he sees no need for 3 Dayonim or to have any Bais Din Proceedings for him it is enough to listen to one side and Pasken himself or in a best case scenario he will send the case to Ocean County court to Obtain a Psak Halacha From Judge Tony ,Johny or Miguel

Ana shlucha deFeministim said...

Me darft moyche zein lemaan kvoid Feminism that the above list is missing some very choshuve gedolei Feminism:

Harav hagaon R' Norman Lamm
Harav hagaon R' Barry Freundel
Harav hagaon R' Michael Broyde
Harabbah hagaona Hillary Clinton
Harav hagaon R' Elya Spitzer (former NY State Governor)
Harav hagaon R' Anthony Wiener
Harav hagaon R' Marc Angel

Harav hagaon hechorif Sinai oiker horim, heCEO deBMG


Does BMG get involved in marriage issues like prenuptial agreements?

MiMedinat HaYam said...

Their affiliate in philadelphia gets involved in (non) gitten (in exchange for good $$$. Non good $$$ need not apply.)

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Ephrayim Birnbaum Davens in The Ezras Noshim in the Shul he Davens in on Shabbos.

It seems he feels more comfortable in the Ezras Noshim and he has a better Rapport with the Ezras Noshim Personal than the Men that Daven in the Main Sanctuary