Saturday, January 16, 2016

"TRIPLE-WASH" the truth

"TRIPLE-WASH" the  truth!
Vegetables are grown with the use of pesticides to control the insects.
The triple wash is "strictly" to remove the pesticides. The more water used (even recirculated), the more pesticides are removed. 

If any one is using the "triple-wash" to remove the insects?, they are doing the exact opposite. The recirculated water with insects is sprayed again on the sometimes clean product.

Never rely on triple wash re: infestation-it's a hoax & deception.    

Rely on the expertise of the Hashgocha and their staff of fully trained experts.


Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that even the pesticides are removed.

And if you speak to scientists they will tell you it is unsafe to eat pretty much any brand of bagged lettuce because they don't have controls in place to prevent biological pathogens from making consumers sick.

Urban Dictionary

it's a wash

A saying meaning "it's a wasted effort" or "all is lost".

Possibly a reference to King John of England who lost his Crown Jewels and everything in his baggage train while attempting to take a shortcut across the Wash, which is an estuary in northeast England that floods. His baggage train was partway across it when the tide came in and lives and treasure were lost.

Shyster said...

You chevra are slow to catch on.

There are hashgochos that wa$h each other's hands.

Ein mol, tzvei mol, drei mol vasht men $$$.

Anonymous said...

Magruver Ruv says that even a non-mimcha could know that the video is a hoax.

Anonymous said...

How would the pesticides get removed with the same recirculated water?