Friday, January 08, 2016

Kosher certification with "Chumras (stringencies) "- good, bad or indifferent?

Kosher certification "Chumras (stringencies) "- good, bad or indifferent? (chumras are not necessarily attributes!)

If we have a system in place to produce an acceptably kosher product or Matzah and we may introduce a nice hidגur or chumrah that does not in any way compromise the basic system...Great! 

On the other hand, if we focus strictly on the Chumrahs, at times, we are left with only the "Chumra" and all else is passed over or forgotten. Same with Chaburah Matzos, if we don't have a reliable "system" in place to produce an acceptably kosher product or Chaburah Matzos. As the saying is "The Emperor hath no clothing", one big bluff. חומרא דאתי לידי קולא  in other words חמר גמל.

It's an old difference of opinion found by uncle Eisav and Yitzchok Aveinu.

כיצד מאסרין את המלך? Which is Eisuv's concern, how do we deal with the salting acid issue?
יצחק אבינו אמר "שא נא כליך ושחוט יפה ואל תאכילני נבילה

Many time we don't ascertain the cold facts and we not only fooling the kosher consumer but worse, we are fooling ourselves. In order to cover up on the foul-up we come up with excuses over excuses and we only trip up one lie after the other. It does not pay, it does not work.

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