Tuesday, January 05, 2016

OU succumbs to KOF-K standards on insects?

"OU" succumbs to KOF-K standards on insects? 
Kof-K's Rabbi Gissinger said at an AKO meeting "anything less than 1.3 millimeters is "not visible to the eye". 

The OU allows Christopher Ranch peeled garlic full of mites מילבין עין חכמת אדם תולעים
כנראה שאין להם   חכמת אדם

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Tzrichin lefarsem said...

The oylam Hatorah needs to finally come to grips with the fact that Rabbi Gissinger is not the man who presented himself as a frumak many years ago. He has unraveled to the point where he is a fraud. Whatever is going on in his head, which is at least partially driven by love of GELT, does not really matter, because he is duping everyone with a completely unacceptable standard which almost no one realizes. I see now he is also completely dishonest because what he implements lemayse at Chof K catering is much worse than what he admitted at AKO. He is fine with no checking at all at Chof K. And heyos he is the two-faced one who rammed Bodek down everyone's throats, he made up a fake excuse justifying the complete turnaround so that he can live with himself, or at least not come under instant attack from the yechidim who catch him in the act of his scam. The fake excuse? He decided after a lot of shimush that the eyes of mashgichim become dizzy from checking to the point that they can't see anything anyway so there is therefore no point in even trying. As I said, the man is a obviously greedy fraud. Whatever money he made at Bodek by demanding checking is dwarfed by how much money he saves now by not checking anything in his ever expanding Chof K empire.