Monday, April 03, 2017

Yeshivish hats $55.00

Everyone knows that a new hat is a major expense. Even the “affordable” hats are running at $120.00 

Could anyone do something to lower the prices? Yes, and they did.

A melamed who lives in Rochester, N.Y. has launched a new company selling hats for only $55.00.  The Yeshivish Hat Company began selling online in January to B’nai Torah across the United States and Canada. Orders have poured in from Brooklyn, Monsey, Lakewood, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore and Toronto.

Dovid Roness, the company’s owner, noticed a need for a more affordable hat, and set out to meet it. “How can a family with 4 sons afford a shabbos and weekday hat for 5 people?” asks Roness “That’s 10 hats! That’s between 1,500 – 3,000 dollars!” Many people wear old hats for weekdays which really aren’t so respectable. A brand new affordable hat is a great alternative, especially for davening.

By reexamining every step of the hat industry, from design/manufacturing to the packaging, Yeshivish has come up with an affordable, stylish, quality hat. The newly designed website is a pleasure to navigate and will give you a real feel for what the Yeshivish Hat Company is about.


Forshay said...

Roiv Pesach hotels in the Western hemisphere are now under Zusha Blech because he is so cheap & easy. Even the modern orthodox organizers are grabbing him so they can pitch to yeshivishe clients & thus fill up all the 5% to 10% of rooms they might otherwise have left over. They make all kinds of false claims about kashrus, frumkeit & sevivah to fool you

Maybe if Zusha actually spent time checking up on his own hotels instead of letting his mashgichim, the worst in the industry, make a churban with all kinds of kashrus violations including basar vecholov, he would have, maybe, a halfway decent standard.

But instead, Zusha is running around the world getting paid to tell others what to do, like the London beis din:

Rav Zushe Blech has started to work on a consultancy basis for the Kashrut Division and recently completed an inspection tour of LBD plants in Malaysia and Singapore.

Fresser said...

3 ring circus of fake "Novardok" vs Agudas Haganovim

Anonymous said...

What's the quality of these hats, do they look normal? That's an amazing price.

Anonymous said...

Very good looking, great quality.
It wouldn't last like a Borsalino, but usually you lose it before.

For your 18-24 months, it's great.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Comment 1 & 2 are the same thus "Forshay Fresser' would or should be his ID.
For a guy who either fresses all over for Pesach (he knows too much details about all Blech's programs for a guy who stays home) or he fresses while surfing the net; then still has extra time to read up about all other people's din toirahs and decide who is fake and who are the ganovim - Yudels got to be pretty proud of him.

Must be his top Choosid/Follower/Cultist.

Keep up the "good" work Forshay Fresser.

Anonymous said...

"Excellent" solution 3:45 pm has to mock a blogger while ignoring the michsholim of the kashrus certifier who has become the "Dovid Katz" of Monsey, where Blech is a local problem besides on the vacation resorts. Roshei yeshiva point out to their talmidim that they do not eat from Blech. Blech had so much chutzpah that even in the most yeshivish neighborhood of Monsey he put a mashgiach with a ponytail in the restaurant. A rosh hamashgichim for Blech is from the Open Orthodox. When he sometimes has to appear in a Charedi minyan for political reasons, keep an eye on him, because he won't even daven shmoyna esrei. He does a fake act for a few seconds & then walks away without so much as the pesios to back up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Blech should invest in a $55.00 Yeshevisheh Hat?

Anonymous said...

Up hats?

Anonymous said...

when will you also carry uphats