Friday, June 22, 2018

Lakewood's KCL catering kashrus standards questioned (again)

KCL-A Shabbos Drop-Off job,  does require a mashgiach (a $400.00+ savings to the Baal Simcha.

The KCL Caterer makes you use his waiters, (he makes a few hundred on that). The caterers waiters will make sure to take care for his boss-if the fire goes out or too high or too low, or the urn needs adjusting or water added. He'll also protect his bosses equipment that it doesn't get lost, etc.
As they say "yom-tov in der vochen".

What's about "bossur-she'nisalem"? among many other issues.

Who controls the caterer's hot-box? (who has the key to the locked hot box? you guessed it, the Goy)
and his other equipment?

and the "party planners" putting their items  in the warmer, oven etc.
All without a mashgiach, thanks KCL

Defining a "drop-off"-Any other reliable Hashgocha will only allow a "drop-off job" in a person's house, but not in a shul, hall, etc.


OU Crony Watch said...

American hashgochos are known to hide behind a Belsky "heter" on basar shenisaleim that is very puzzling as it seems to make irrelevant the entire concept as if Chazal kaviyochel had no point when being concerned. Things get very creative whenever anyone serves at the pleasure of the OU.

Avrohom Wrona said...

A consumer is responsible once they make a purchase. If there are any halachic questions it is incumbent upon the consumer to address them. As the dictum goes "Let the buyer beware". Additionally, shuls could and should have rules and policies regarding what can be brought in. Said rules should include alcoholic beverages which present Kashrus concerns.
Oif Simchos!

Anonymous said...

Queens Vaad is at the forefront of using the Belsky heter when transporting fleish with goyish messengers.

G-d forbid that the Queens Vaad should stick to any kashrus principal that costs 2 cents to implement in case the client switches to a less expensive certification that is a known free for all like Israel Mayer Steinberg. Better to appoint 'yeshivishe' Chaimel to put a 'mehadrin' face on things to the public while unofficially still being a free for all.

Anonymous said...

I believe that a person has an obligation to pick and chose his kashrus standards; i.e. what agencies or hashgachas they trust.
But once they make the purchase, there is NO obligation for them to go “ bedika “ on that purchase.

Anonymous said...

EveryoneE does thist in Brooklyn... But it's hard to understand how they send keilim without a mashgiach...

Anonymous said...

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”