Monday, July 16, 2018

Are AKO members hiding and covering serious kashrus issues?

Certain AKO members would not allow the kosher consumer's advocate to attend their conference for fear of "transparency".

What information are they hiding from the kosher consumer?


Anonymous said...

Hisachdus, OK, Star-K, etc. among others did not allow the kosher consumer's advocate to join in the conference.

They sure have plenty to hide.

Anonymous said...

Those have plenty to hide, just read yudels blog.

Queens said...

When AKO met in Texas one year, Chaim Schwartz got up to propose a cover up system where all member hashgochos cover up for each other's shmutz and scandals - something the Queens Vaad has plenty of self-practice with when lying and hiding things from toshvei Queens.

And of course SELF-PROMOTION and DUPLICITY are always the order of the day. Schwartz identified himself during the speech as a "Mehadrin" hashgocho.

Anonymous said...

Yudel-I guess, Stay tuned for some of the coverups.

Airmont said...

Sounds right. Chaim was also coming to the Kolbisover beis medrash south of Route 59 to pontificate vus er halt zich a Guru in the oylam hakashrus. Unfortunately for him, kimat no one was paying attention with all the Tuna Beigels & other bums having a bull session through Shabbos shacharis in complete disrespect of the Ruv. Ober ess passt because these bums wouldn't be much better off in Queens because they go for coffee at a treif shop on Route 45 owned by a Chiloni who the FBI arrested as part of an interstate theft ring.

TheRegularGuys said...

Nebaach. NEbaach. NEBaach. NEBAach. NEBAAch. NEBBACh. NEBBACH !!!!!

How come no one is listening ???

I couldn't get my kid into Camp!
I couldn't get my kid into school!
I couldn't get a Peasach Hotel this year!
I got stuck with lots of Arovos last year!
I couldn't get curtomers to the Chinese Restaurant!
I couldn't get the shatnes place shut down!
I couldn't get rid of all my Hachnasas Orchim Water!

NOW I couldn't get into the ARKO Conference!!!!!!

How come no one is listening?????????????


La Kosher Nostra said...

Regular Bulvan,

Every word you just wrote has a din of oynoas devorim. And you sound like someone who is always attuned to spit out the most insulting verter to be metzayer yenem.

Much of what you write is also dishonest.


How is it a tayna on a rov who won't take a hotel that demands he lower his standards?

How is it a tayna that the same mafia who prevented a rov from coming to the Agri photo op because he would catch them lying would also prevent him from coming to their latest cover up fest?

Open Hassidic said...

what a bizayon that COR's R' Shulem Adler is not just a servant now of the Open "Orthodox" but their non-kashrus shtempel for non-GMO is using a symbol

that is the ikker symbol of the avodah zaranik Taoist religion, known as the Yin Yang symbol!

Anonymous said...

Tue Jul 17, 01:31:00 PM 2018

No one is talking about a Rov - We are talking about a 'toomler' who has posted all of the above himself.

From Paysach Gomco to Shvogger to Mechuton said...

As much as the Bulvan HATES R' Yudel with all of his added (and brain-addling) drama around Kew Gardens ("Worse than Hitler", etc, BLAH BLAH BLAH) he cannot subtract that someone who has semicha from BMG, poskens shaylos, gives hashgochos, etc, is a Rov, like it or not.

Baltimore the City that Breeds said...

Could the Rav haBlog expand on the comment this week that AKO is a tool conceived by Star K?

In the meantime I was forwarded an email making the rounds regarding the utterly bizarre Star K announcement that we should not drink from Starbucks' treif machines, unless we are outside the limits of the City we reside in:

"It hit me right away that this doesn't pass the smell test. I asked a posek who has learned Yoreh Deah hundreds of times. He was mishtomem because the shaas hadchak heter was intended for amoligeh Yidden forced to stay by a goyishe achsanya in an ungevarfenne yehupitz where there was nothing else to drink. He may be generously diplomatic when he calls this the latest Star K am haaratzus, while others call it krum or corrupt, in a long line of virtually any Star K psak that all the poskei hador have come out against mit a tekifus.

Star K cite the Yad Ephraim YD 122:6, which in the mahadura I tracked down, there is no such shtikel - he skips the siman. I also checked the more obscure Yad Ephraim from a Dayan Billitzer in Transylvania. Nothing there either.

Star K say the Yad Ephraim is basing himself on the Noda Bihuda kama 36. I don't have time right now to go through the whole siman but he starts discussing heterim for a choyleh who is ausgechapped by a machala called Bulmus. The way I have seen R' Shaul Amsterdam explain Bulmus is that it is a violent illness that is sakonas nefoshos mamash, requiring immediate emergency intervention.

Most contemporary kashrus seforim skip the sugya of shaas hadchak entirely because it's not very relevant anymore.

The only sefer I could find touching on it at all in the last 100 years is a 1970 Gatesheader sefer: "Hilchos Maacholos Assuros leBotei Yisroel". The sefer handels if a choylah is stuck in a hospital that refuses to supply kosher food. The Ramoh poskens we do not allow issur deRabbonon for stam choyleh. Except for a heter that is specific to Shabbos, the Gatesheader writes he cannot find for a choylah a single mattir for the vochens of even kosher food that became bishul nochri, which the Pri Megodim & Nishmas Adam lehedya asser."

Anonymous said...

Just the fact that the Star-K is on the "Executive Board" or even allowed to be a member of AKO should tell you something is seriously wrong.

The major kashrus certifiers have finally realized that star-k is unreliable.

Star-K was certifying Falls Poultry. An outside expert was called in to check it out, and concluded that 20% was neveilos & treifus.

Rav Moshe Shternbuch sent a letter to Lakewood "please publicize not to rely on Star-K kashrus.

The Shabbos friendly appliances certified by the Star-K, many Prominent Rabbonim including Reb Shlomo Miller came out against using those appliances.

Star-K allows a non-Jew to put in Rib roast in the oven on Shabbos morning to cook.

They have rejected many of AKO's serious kashrus upgrades countless times.

Anonymous said...

The quoted yad Ephraim is on the page of the Shulchan aruch! As is the Noda biyehuda...

Anonymous said...

Baltimore the City that Breeds said...

Here he goes again. Has no time to go through a Noda B'hudah (that itself is self understood) but has plenty of time to blog "The only sefer the last 100 years".

Either he has no sforim or it was time 'for the next dose'.

Maybe Rosenblum can help you a bit....

Anonymous said...


Everyone is rejecting them.


Because they are so successful that everyone is afraid of their success.

Every town has lots of people using Star-K only.

Slowly every town is getting Stores under Star-K.

They are not done yet.

So either join them or don't join then. But your badmouthing them, even if your right, ain't goin nowhere. They are laughing all the way to the bank and further.

Seeing Stars in Agudah Baltimore said...

Er vos halt zich the Big "expert" at 12:58 pm, so then you go through the Noda Bihuda & tell us where he backs Star K's position

Or are you silent on that because takka nothing he says gives Star K a leg to stand on?

Anonymous said...

Nebach Reb Aaron Kotler Zatza'l didn't have krankeh talmidim (as in those who follow his shitehs)who ended up in Queens. Even the 'holy of holy' was not so krank.

But, unfortunately for the Krankeh's logic - if that is possible - the Star-K has talmidim 'mivhookim fin deh Rosh-Shisheeva ZY'O' who know "a bit more" then inzehreh Qveens Tzadik.

Baltimore the City that Breeds said...

Many people did not think to look in Shulchan Aruch since Yad Ephraim is not one of the standard nosei kelim. Now that we've all seen the fluke shtikel, as well as taken the time to go through the lengthy piece in Nodah Bihudah, it just boggles the mind that despite both of these gedolei haposkim assering the Starbucks coffee, the Star K has the nerve to put words in their mouths as "mattirim".

This is probably the biggest & most brazen Star K blunder yet.