Thursday, July 12, 2018

To all maminim

There were 2 Jewish partners albeit, not religious that owned a popular kosher catering hall that was kosher certified by  a Religious Rabbi from the Metropolitan New York area. An individual called the certifying Rabbi on numerous occasions to voice his concerns about the caterer working on Shabbos for a Sunday affair, the owners have the keys of the kitchen and refrigerators / freezers etc.

After numerous call of kashrus concerns, the certifying Rabbi asked the caller “You see that I did not make any of the changes to alleviate your valid concerns, so why do you keep calling me”? The caller said sorry, I don’t have an answer to that question.

 A few weeks later, Si’yata di’shmaya has the caller be invited to a wedding where one of the names on the invitation was the same last name as that certifying Rabbi. So, he asked if anyone knows if this Rabbi is present at the wedding. Someone pointed to an elderly Rabbi in the back corner. So, he approached the Rabbi and introduced himself. The Rabbi asked, “do you have an answer to my question”? He said, yes, I do, can we sit down.

He told the Rabbi, you do appear to be considerably older than myself, Rabbi, excellent observation. Likely you’ll meet your maker after 120 before I will. Rabbi, correct again-what’s the point already? They will ask you, Rabbi how did you allow all these violations at the caterer that you certify? Normally you would shrug your shoulders and say, “I did not know”. That “excuse” you will not have, as I told you about them, that’s why I keep calling. You know what they will tell after 120? They’ll tell you very nicely where to go.

If you opt to ignore our kashrus alerts, issues, etc. you will not be able to feign "I didn't know".
I guess that why I keep bringing kashrus issues to everyone’s attention, now they will not be able to use the “excuse” after 120, I DID NOT KNOW.


Anonymous said...

Why would a good old "Monsey Toisov", who is only whole life mission is to try and be "mezkeh" people with good things only, go now and do these same people the ULTIMATE injustice and pull the rug out from under them by nullifying their best and disputed excuses ??? Why ??? Why ???

Knighted Vorpal Sword said...

But how do we know that you know anything about kashrut? Just because you have a blog? And if you're that chareidi, why are you on the internet to begin with? Do you have a heter from a gadol?

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that those that rely on kcl are either, gullible, naïve or not maminim.

Reb Noson, Z"L was of the opinion that very many when really pushed to the wall, are not maminim.

Anonymous said...

R' Yudel pushes the envelope sometimes... but you have to admit that sometimes he is right in the money. And I'm not only referring to kashrus.

Anonymous said...

Yudel, lets see a resume, if you have one?

Anonymous said...

Look at Lakewood : Tiferes Bais Yaakov and Lake Terrace are open on Shabbos for mexican parties ! How could you have in a kosher hall Non Kosher Parties!! Can someone please answer this question?

Anonymous said...

Lake Terrace does not give them the kitchen area.
BTW- Rose castle in Willy among others, do also rent out for Mexican parties on weekends.

The new hall in Passaic, the Brightstone has 2 kitchens for kosher and non-kosher.

Huntington Town House in Long Island currently under the OK (Kof-K dropped it when the same caterer started doing kosher and non-kosher from separate kitchens-it was a $100,000.00@ year)
Doesher and non-kosher "same caterer" OK kosher certification style.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No one should give a Hechsher on shall that has non kosher things that come in to the hall! Tiferes Bais Yaakov does a lot of parties for goyim ! How could you even think of giving hasgocha to these halls! How does Rabbi Meir Stern let this happen in Passaic?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'd Yudel Shain would be the Rav Hamachshir in lake Terrace and Tiferes Bais Yaakov he would close them down!!

Boorro Parrk said...

The problem with many of the Brooklyn halls renting to shkotzim including Ricans & Kushim who end up in gun battles outside at 3 am is because of the Hungarian party planners looking to profit at all times including the Drei Vochen & even Shabbosos.

The 3 worst examples have been Rose Castle, which is chotsh in an industrial zone, then Kingsway & Eitz Chaim in the middle of everything.

How did Flatbush rabbonim finally stop it at Eitz Chaim on East 13th? They called the faker party planner to warn her one more goyishe party that you profit from and we are being mefarsem to your heimishe chevra in Boro Park.