Friday, March 11, 2011

Salmon Heads are infested

Eida Chareidit Alert: Eida Chareidit Alert: Salmon Heads-5 Adar II 5771-March 11, 2011

The following Eida Chareidit alert pertaining to infestation in the heads of salmon was released on 1 Adar II 5771.

The Eida warns that the heads of salmon should not be used, even after being cleaned and checked, since they are simply too infested. This new directive has been distributed to fish stores with an Eida Chareidit hechsher.

The alert adds that in certain cases, the heads may be used in catering after an Eida-approved expert cleans and inspects the head.

The alert concludes that there are stores displaying certificates from the Eida Chareidit attesting to the kashrus of a distributor of factory. These documents DO NOT represent kashrus supervision of the Eida Chareidit for any store, adding fish stores must have a valid original kashrus certificate from the Eida.

JKN ADDS: There are a number of stores in Machane Yehuda displaying Eida documents for factories as well as shipping manifests. As of today, there are no fish stores with an Eida Chareidit hechsher in the shuk.

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