Wednesday, August 03, 2011

ALERT: Corn on the cob & Scallions

Kashrus ALERT:                                                                                            
להסיר מכשול
Corn on the cob & Scallions being sold at the LAKEWOOD- NPGS Southlake store (possibly others as well) has a sign by the fresh corn on the cob. That due to weather conditions the husk should be completly removed and the whole corn washed (by NPGS kashrus).

That is misleading information, as corn on the cob is heavly infested with thrips. The corn must have all the kernels removed, rinsed first. Washing without removing the kernels off the cob will leave the insects intact.

Another item is scallions, they have no kashrus sign at all. Scallions are known to be infested with thrips. All of the tubes must be cut open completly lengthwise, rinsed well.

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