Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GreenHouse grown, WOW! What's that? Infested? Sure!

GreenHouse grown, does have insects, contrary to what others are trying to convince the gullible kosher consumer. They do have insects, but it's a somewhat controlled enviroment. One expert visited almost everyone of the "GreenHouses" in Israel and found that all of them had insects to one degree or another.

GreenHouse=insect free? NO way! Don't believe it, It's a theory that the cold facts have disproven.

Some (many) hashgochas check by swooshing the vegetables in water in a glass bowl, putting the glass bowl on a light box & checking the water. Rabosai- It just does NOT work, it's a method to convince or rather confuse everyone that they are doing an acceptable bedika.

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