Thursday, August 25, 2011

May a roaming Salesman be the Mashgiach (heimish) for those establishments?

May a roaming Mashgiach (heimish) also be a salesman on the side? To the facilities he's responsible for the kashrus? WHY NOT? It's a "win-win" situation.
If he is a salesman for a product e.g. Dole Vegetables, He'll push it, even though it may be infested or it's definitely not up to par to what the food service establishment should be using. Right Shloma? but ich darf a parnusah, zuhl ich farkoifen stam treifus?

What's about selling supplies to places that are certified by your heimish hashgocha? They can't say no even if it's priced higher, I need the parnusah, I don't even have time during my rounds to see if they have any kashrus issues. (and they are a good customer of mine) "Hashoi'chad yeh'avair...."
Become a Chasidisher Heimisher Shoichet by putting on a Bibber hut, geh'kreizilteh payos, etc

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