Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baron Herzog

Baron Herzog wines are under the Hashgocha of  Kehila kosher. 
Many do not feel comfortable (saying it mildly) with that Hashgocha & therefore they don't use it. 

The fact that there is another Hashgocha's emblem does not give the level of comfort for those that don't use it.


Anonymous said...

You Gotto love Yudels new criteria for Kashrus:

"feeling comfortable".

No real issus. Otherwise he would of 'headlined' them already.

Now no one is saying that you should use or eat something that your not comfortable with. But the new criteria, the new I'm frummer them thou level'.
The new rat race is on. All we need now is to get some Israeli poskim to 'second the motion' and were in business.


Anonymous said...

Based on this criteria you can not eat anything with the Rabbanut in Israel.

Anonymous said...

The dray kop from Kew Gardens who criticized R' Yudel leading up to the big WOW, is full of it and he knows it.

The national hashgochos use code words all the time. The most well known is Star K's "not recommended"

Dr. Seth Mandel at the OU even uses a code word to dismissingly refer to R' Yudel, that of all things is not even in English, Hebrew or Yiddish. It is in Latin.

Anonymous said...

Wait Kehilah KAshrus of Flatbush?

Anonymous said...


Kehilla as in Teichman of Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

'not recommended' is code word for its up to snuff. They are avoiding law suits.
Not comfortable is a code word for:
'they did not respect me'. They did not call morainu. They din't return my call. They didn't pay me. It was not enough.

For more details contact Anonamous from KG in Queens aka "der Krakeh".

Anonymous said...

Oh comeon, you know its not really k'hilla, its the OU!! Stop already.