Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kashrus ALERT: Bais yaakov cookbook

Kashrus alert:

Some of the items in the Bais Yaakov cookbook are not kosher. We only have a sample of some of the recipes. The recipes have numerous infested items that the consumer is unable to check for infestation. See Mishnah Berurah Hilchos pesach (Maror) the chasam sofer.

The cookbook has Raspberries, fresh cilantro, fresh parsley leaves, leek (removing just the dirt does not remove the infestation), fresh basil leaves, 8 oz bag romaine lettuce, frozen strawberries. all of these items are infested. The rest of the cookbook may have other non-kosher ingredients. Beware:


aless abee mattir zein said...

If this is the one from an out of town Bais Yaakov, they have printed in the book an updated set of guidelines from the OU.

It is scary how the OU under Belsky has gone into reverse on standards for bugs in fruits & vegetables.

It's almost as bad as what Gissinger has done.

The Bais Yaakov is being misled by Belsky. They did not make this up on their own.

Anonymous said...

I think that Yiddishe Mammes want to do the right thing.
The problem is they get misled by cookbooks, friends, Rabbonim who know nothing about kashrus and quasi experts.
I think a website or publication focusing on them would be a great idea!!