Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kashrus Alert-Palace catering "hospital/airline meals"

Kashrus Alert-Re: Palace catering "hospital / airline meals".
when heated in non-kosher microwave according to instructions, the seals burst-therefore the meal is "Not-kosher".

We contacted the Rav, Palace catering & the OJ Organization that puts their stamp of approval. We heard back from none. as of now.

Palace Kosher -TEL. 718-761-5200 or 646-772-1000 FAX 718-370-7148


RABBI  SHLITA-718-436-4685



O.J. Simpson said...

This has no shaychus to me.

The OJ of kashrus is R' Shloyma Wieder who is based at 131 Keap St in Willy, which might mean he is given space at that address by the Skulener bais medrash. OJ in this case stands for Rabbinical Union for Observant Judaism.

He puts out a publication called Kashrus Yedios. Ken zein he should do a segment on airline meals that don't stay intact.

He is probably the same R' Shloyma Wieder who is a dayan for Sachdis.


The Vaad Hakashrus of Staten Island is led by Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield who is also rabbi of the local Young Israel.

His father Rabbi David Lehrfield in Miami has been accused for decades of being megayer countless shiksas living with Jewish men in sin and not requiring kabolas mitzvos.

As far as Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield himself, he was involved in a huge attempted cover up two years ago on erev Pesach

A member of his shul Mrs. Eva Rubin was a teacher at Shulamis girls in Brooklyn and Yeshiva Merkaz on S.I.. She was horrifically murdered by her long time husband Arthur Rubin at home, arguing over how much spending she could have when he strangled her to death on erev Pesach.

This is a picture of Arthur Rubin.

Arthur Rubin then called Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield. Lehrfield came down to the house and called Hatzolah. There were bruises and marks around Eva's neck but they did not call the police! Rubin then drove off and tried to commit suicide by slitting his own wrists and stabbing himself in the chest. He survived the wounds.

Arthur Rubin was the official photographer of both Lehrfield's Young Israel & Staten Island Hatzolah.

Even after 75 minutes had passed, Lehrfield & Staten Island Hatzolah still wouldn't call the cops so Misaskim was forced to speak to Port Authority Police chaplain Rabbi Jack Mayer who then called someone high up in the NYPD.

What's pshat? said...

Rabbi Vieder of the OJ Kashrus agency is besides giving hashgochos either donating free meals for chesed OR running his own food company to sell airline type meals to hospitals

Anonymous said...

If no one else will talk to you you can always call the Nirbatir

Anonymous said...

Let's hope these hashgochos don't try to cover it up which is the m.o. of the Queens Vaad in every inyan.

But in the end it doesn't matter as the Kotzker says where they plant sheker, that's where emess ends up being matzmiach.

The Vaad to Expose the Queens Vaad said...

that's where emess ends up being matzmiach.

In other words they will be eventually be exposed on every avlah they covered up

T.P.V said...

Asifa planned to tackle crisis

Staten Island said...

Well, there is a neighborhood in Staten Island called "Arthur Kill"

When Rubin escaped, he first drove all the way to Home Depot in Monticello and bought some rat poison. He immediately drove all the way back to Staten Island but chickened out from ingesting it and decided to knife himself instead.

This not calling the police might have also happened at Agudah of Staten Island where Avi Shafran hangs out. Same meshugass whether it is under a dusty Borsalino or white kipa seruga.

Bradley Ave said...

Palace catering equals Mark Weiss equals Dairy Palace on Victory Blvd which is basically the only restaurant in town equals Glatt Boys catering and Fallsview catering doing hotels in the Catskills & elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

"will be eventually be exposed"

How long?
A year?
Maybe Two?
Efshar ah Shmitah?
Who knows. Could be a Yovel?
Min Hastam, NEVER.

MAYBE there is nothing to expose.

V'af Aal pee sheh'hismah'mah'ah....
ACHAKEH. Keep waiting, my boy.

The Vaad to expose the Queens Vaad said...

"Min Hastam, NEVER."

The lowlives who were mevazeh Rav Elyashev by refusing to stop desecrating graves when he told them what the clear halacha is, are now making fun of the Kotzker.

Very predictable.

DunningFan said...

This has been making its way all over the blogs and it's 100% verifiable.

These people distort Jewish law and are a threat to it. Since Takanas Rabbeinu Gershom, over 1,000 years ago, both men and women can refuse a divorce because marriage is sacred and should be protected. These are criminals and Rav Elyashiv Of Blessed Memory and now Rav Chaim Kanievsky, may he live long, and the Eida HaChareidis have ruled that such coerced divorces are invalid and the children of such second marriages could be mamzerim. Epstein is nothing more than a thug who has disgraced Judaism in ways that Judaism's worst enemy could not. The Organization for the Resolution of Agunot and their leader Hershel Schachter have done similar things, in tandem with the Beth Din of America, both are being investigated by the FBI, together with a so-called rabbi in the South, Rabbi David Lehrfield, whose gittin have been ruled to be highly questionable and his conversions are not accepted (the local rabbonim advise using Rabbi Mendel Senderovic, Rabbi Twersky's Rosh Kollel, who travels to the South every month instead). Schachter and Lehrfield are facing similar investigations and have been derided as having broken the foundations of Jewish religious law.