Friday, February 08, 2013


BEWARE- There are "tzitzes" in the market that were manufactured in the far East via non-Jews & is therefore POSUL. Insist on seeing the Hashgocha before purchasing. Do not rely on the seller/importer.


Anonymous said...

The same with "Tifilin" retzoo'is.
Very Similar issue with mezoozus.
Matzohs, Esrogim, Lulovim , Arovous, Olive oiland much more...
You gotto be very careful.

Why Reb Yudel picked Zizis beats me.
Then again......

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Anonymous said...

Ad D"lo yoda?

Anonymous said...

Who said they don't know how to print hechsheirim in China?

Anonymous said...

Puretz still shechting in one of 2 plants

The Premium Protein plant west of Lincoln Airport, once a specialty meat operation, has been idle for more than 3 years.

Bankrupt in 2009, with 100s of employees furloughed months earlier from its plants in Hastings & Lincoln, the company assets fell into the hands of collaborators who appeared to have bought it out of bankruptcy in 2010 for a $3.9 million song.

They haven't stopped fighting since.

Within weeks of the bankruptcy auction, and apparently before, Aron Puretz, of a NY-NJ real-estate family, and Lincoln Provision, a meat company that operates Chicago Gourmet Steaks, led by Jim Stevens, had a falling out that remains unresolved, and is scheduled for trial in U.S. District Court next year.

Lincoln Provision contends Puretz shut it out of the deal almost immediately & wants compensation, not based on the bankruptcy purchase price, but a “at fair value” defined under Illinois law, because the acquisition company was created there.

Lincoln Provision asked the court to award it, among other things, at least $12.5 million for the reasonable value of the real estate.

The new tax assessed value of the Lincoln property alone is more than $2 million, compared to its bankruptcy sale of $700,000. The Hastings plant, sold at bankruptcy for $3.2 million, resumed operation as a kosher slaughter operation in 2010 as Nebraska Prime Group, under Puretz's leadership.

Puretz & his company counter that Lincoln Provision, on whom Puretz relied for guidance, misrepresented the capacity of the Hastings plant, to induce Puretz to invest.

"Lincoln delivered spreadsheets to Puretz, which represented operating capacity at 500 head of cattle slaughtered per day using 'kosher kill' standards," Puretz said. "Contrary to that, actual capacity is no more than 416 head of cattle per day using kosher kill standards. By inflating the operating capacity, they misstated projected revenue by over $16 million over 5 years."

Puretz acknowledged having no experience in the meat industry, but he continues to operate the Hastings plant.

Terms for an agreement were never reached, and Hastings Acquisition never actually closed on the deal, according to Lincoln's court filings, because Puretz acted in bad faith.

Appraised at $12.5 million. Sold at bankruptcy for $3.9 million. Lincoln Provision's claim is "kinda crazy," said W. Patrick Betterman of Omaha, Puretz's attorney. "We wonder how the law would ever allow that."

This isn't the only legal action Nebraska Prime faces.

The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration proposed to penalize Hastings Acquisition LLC, operating as Nebraska Prime Group, $195,100 for 11 violations in connection with the death of an employee at the Hastings plant.

OSHA opened an inspection after Adalid Nava-Arcasa became caught in a machine & was asphyxiated Jan. 18. Nava-Arcasa died after his clothing got caught in the drive roller of a hide belt.

The company has contested the fine, and the case remains unsettled.

Jacob said...

uh oh! which tzitzis are you referring too Yudel?

Fila Kolodny said...

The person linked to by Yechee at 2013-02-12T18:42, has not lived or worked in Lakewood for at least nine months.

Yerachmiel said...

"This guy" lived in Lakewood for almost 21 years, ran the Chabad of Lakewood from his home, and was able to help numbers of boys who the "system" threw out to come back.

If you would learn to check out your work before you post, it might help: