Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hisachdus Harabonim di'Lakewood vi'haglilos

וועד הרבנים
הרב לעווין
הרב לוריא
הרב שווארץ
הרב צדקא
הרב קליין
הרב גוטמן
הרב מילר
הרב שאר
הרב הירש
הרב גראס
הרב רוזנפלד
הרב פרץ
הרב ליואויץ

משה ברסלר- מנהל


Anonymous said...

So, is this one good?

Anonymous said...

So who are they

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that the CRC in Williamsburg is the same as the CRC in Chicago? Just branch offices of each other? The quality of both hechsharim are the same?

Joseph said...

The CRC in Brooklyn has been certifying kashrus under the CRC name well before and far longer than the cRc in Chicago got into the kashrus business. Organizationally the Central Rabbinical Congress is also older than the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

Anonymous said...

Kashrus is a business? Yup, you said it, Joseph.

It would appear that the CRC in Chicago knows how to pasken shylos while the CRC in Brooklyn does not. The Brooklyn dictionary has only the words 'machmir' and old boys network' while the CRC in Chicago uses the Shulchan Aruch to see if you are machmir and why and if you can be maikel and why.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know that Rabbi Shain does 'glilous' too!

Anonymous said...

Now that you became the 'safra d'dayneh for Bais yosef Bais Din your 'mamesh' in the same boat as Itchoo Glick! so your mamesh like the hisachdis of Gantz America.
Mamesh moirahdik.

Anonymous said...

Remember the other week the Mayor of Toms River proclaiming there are more ganovim / criminals in Lakewood than outside Lakewood?

Here is the State of NJ naming the 200 biggest con artist ganovim in contracting. The only Lakewood firm is tied for last place with a $250 fine but many, many ganovim just outside Lakewood.


N.J. provided a list (see below) of 208 contractors, and their towns, who were fined the most in 2015 in consumer restitution and penalties.

Creative Solutions and Design Limited Liability Company, Howell $84,550.00

David Adamson, Toms River $37,850.00

Anthony Peterson t/a Pro-Max Paving, Jackson $16,000.00

Allcare Heating and Cooling, LLC, Howell $13,850.00

Anthony Cutillo d/b/a Red Cutillo & Sons Roofing,Toms River $9,750.00

Richard Parson d/b/a Rick's Handyman Service,Toms River $9,015.00

Frank Caruso d/b/a Celtic, Whiting $5,900.00

Gregg Rivera d/b/a Gregg R. Colletta Painting and Drywall, Toms River $5,500.00

Luke & Bell Construction Paving & Sealcoating LLC,Toms River $5,500.00

Accurate Hardscapes LLC, Toms River $5,250.00

Richardson Construction Corporation, Jackson $4,878.00

Atlas General Contracting, Toms River $4,000.00

Liberty Exteriors, L.L.C. d/b/a Liberty Exteriors,Toms River $250.00

Advanced Creations Total Construction LLC d/b/a Advanced Creations, Howell $250.00

The Carpet Connection, Inc. d/b/a Carpet Connection, Lakewood $250.00