Sunday, August 21, 2016

From an email re: Orange Juice filters

Rav Shein, The reason not to use the 230 mesh filter for orange juice is because according to many puskim you don't have to filter bichlal if you use a 230 mesh.

The 230 mesh removes so much from the oroanje juice that it loses it's juice taste.

I even think reb shlomo miller says the same ting.

[The Aida Bdatz Yerushalem juice filter is "80" mesh.] ys


Anonymous said...

Me no understanding.

If while removing those delicious crawling, flying and swimming creatures - who had been buried at see, um, juice - if while removing them you lose some taste, therefore the bugs have become permitted? If Rav Shlomo Miller says this, I would like to see it in writing. I highly doubt he says that bugs are permitted, since removing them will also remove some taste.

What am I not understanding? What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

I strained the OJ and the taste is just as good. I would assume that Rabbonim that are giving Pesokim on important public issues as this would have the decency to taste the strained OJ first.
It may be that some of these Rabbonim are out to protect the businesses distributors and others and not really giving a legitimate Torah Psak.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys stupid or just liars?
Do you taste the difference between Tropicana "pure Orange Juice" and Golden flow, etc watered down orange drink.

You filter Golden flow or any other heimish orange juice you have orange flavored water.

Anonymous said...

The Aida Bdatz Yerushalem juice filter is 80 mesh.