Monday, January 09, 2017

Pros & Cons of "MUST go" to Seminary in Israel

There has been lately many that strongly oppose the ingrained concept that "must go to Seminary in Israel" in order to marry the right Ben-Torah.

The Pros are self evident.

The Cons;

The huge expense that most can't afford.

That $20,000.00 plus [saved] can help the new young couple.

Training for a parnosah delayed by at least a year.

They don't receive the tools needed to prepare for a Torah marriage, etc.
Delaying marriage by at least a year.

A girl should be under the supervision of their parents (enough said!)

We have heard of the tragic experiences in some Israel seminaries.

If we are talking about hashkofah, yahdus, etc in order to go into chinuch? Gateshead is more geared to that element. 


Anonymous said...

Are there any pros?
Maybe for BT's

Anonymous said...

Gateshead is not free and after three years (required) its also more then 20 Grand and a much longer marriage delay. Even if one skip 12TH grade.

Anonymous said...

Gateshead went through many periods where they did not take New Yorkers. If they start getting a lot of Lakewood/NY applications, they will stop accepting from these places. Gateshead may be a solution for individuals; it is not a mass option for Americans. You also need a lot more than one seminary to make up for all the businesses/seminaries in Eretz Yisroel.

Anonymous said...

There are seminary options right here.
Why is SEM the only option?

Honesty said...

I didn't know there were any pros. Could you please list them.

Anonymous said...

A yungerman in Lakewood was sitting shiva for his young wife after 25 years of marriage r"l.

At Shiva someone told him he has a very good shiduch for him. The almon asked "what seminary did she go to"?

Anonymous said...

Another Con: too many of them run by men who have no business in that field. Any wonder that a bunch turned out to be menuvolim?

Get Real said...

Some of the "YESHEEEVAHS" in Lakewood are businesses as well.
Not to talk about in Israel - including but not limited to Mir.
And Brisk - They live on the Amerikaneh tourists/Talmeeeedim.

Comon. We need every yeshivah and seminary possible. Israel, Lakewood, (Durham) anywhere and everywhere.
You NEVER know from where the real learners, poskim and otherwise ehrlicher yiddin will come from.