Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All prechecked vegtables should NOT require consumer washing.

 Update on the Glatt Alim Celery-13 Shevat 5771-January 18, 2011

Yesterday, I reported on Glatt Alim’s celery which enjoys Eida Chareidit approval, but not the kashrus company’s supervision.  After speaking with the Eida’s Rabbi Yehoshua Rothman, who supervises the greens, I learned the following towards offering readers and explanation to the “authorization” as opposed to supervision.

The rabbi explained that such items which enjoy the hechsher of the Eida Chareidit are ready to eat and do not require a soapy wash and high stream of water as a rinse because this is done before they hit the store shelves. The product is inspected by mashgichim again prior to packaging to make certain they are clean.

In this case however, they only assume responsibility for the product after the cleaning instructions are carried out (as listed in the first article) diligently, and failure to comply with the strict washing instructions release the Eida of any responsibility for the product.

Celery with an Eida hechsher, as indicated by the agency’s logo, don’t require a soapy wash and therefore the instructions as seen on this package will not be present.

In short, an Eida hechsher will only be found on products that are 100% bug free as a result of the Eida’s washing and cleansing process while other high-end so-called Gush Katif items may have the authorization, albeit with an Eida stipulation pertaining to instructions for cleaning.

To read the original article and see a photo of the product, click this link.
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