Monday, January 24, 2011

Strawberry Alert from the Eida Chareidit

The srawberry season just started in Mexico- Frozen strawberries are going to hit the shelves- DON'T TOUCH THEM.

Strawberry Alert from the Eida Chareidit-19 Shevat 5771-January 24, 2011-

Anyone who has been to the shuk of late will agree that strawberries are out in big numbers, looking as sweet and juicy as ever. As I state in my lectures, not everything that appears tasty and perhaps good for the body is good for the soul, which leads me to an alert released today by the Jerusalem-based Eida Chareidit pertaining to insect infestation in strawberries.

The Eida alert states that due to the fact that strawberries are simply infested, one is not to use fresh strawberries at all, which includes after washing. (this refers to buying and eating, without any effort to clean them). (we can include the frozen ones as well NOT TO USE, see Rav Moshe Vaye-)
One may however eat the fresh strawberries l’chatchila if one follows the instructions.

1. Peel the skin off entirely, making certain to remove all of the outer layer with some of the fruit’s flesh

2. Remove the green top

3. Wash well under a stream of water

Instructions for preparing a strawberry for blending - one may be lenient

1. Remove the green top and a small portion of the fruit’s skin

2. Soak for three minutes in a soapy water

3. Rinse well (three times)

4. Blend the fruit

Very ripe or soft fruits

1. Remove the soft/ripe portion

2. Any fruit with a split/crack must be cut open

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