Thursday, July 05, 2018

KCL type Hashgocha, it's no joke anymore-now it's reality at KCL hashgochas


Anonymous said...

I was at the Lakewood Remax office to meet a real estate agent and was shocked to find the receptionist dressed very uncovered and also two Frum agents one man and one woman shmoozing in the hall as if they were married to each other real close to each other and almost touching each other.

The lady I met was way too “friendly “with me and my wife and was asking questions “to get to know us” which are not ok ........

I asked around and was told Eichorn wants it to be that way.

We came a long way in Lakewood, it started with the pizza stores and went downhill from there. That's why Reb Noson was against pizza stores.

It's not surprising the amount of sholom bayis problems in Lakewood, including the divorces.

Yudel Shain said...

Dear KCL Administrator,

It has come to our attention that you have caterers "Managers" to do a double job, being called also a "mashgiach".

A mashgiach is required to be in the kitchen area at all times (within reason). A mashgiach can't be busy taking care of other non-mashgiach projects, and is only a "nichnas-vi'yotzei" type of mashgiach. He must watch the fires, check in the orders, etc. can't be on his phone during work. A mashgiach can't be busy on his phone with other issues not pertaining to his job as a mashgiach. It seems that KCL does not follow those basics, why?

Mashgichim must know hilchos shabbos, normally daven with a minyan, wear tzitzes, shomer torah umitzvos, no drinking, no drugs, not busy with persons of the opposite gender. etc.
It seems that KCL is either unaware or doesn't care.

Also be advised that if "ANY" piece of the caterers equipment is brought to a job, it is not a "DROP-OFF' and must have a full time mashgiach. Does KCL do that?, I find that they don't. Why doesn't KCL follow those basics? all other kosher certifiers follow that.

Be advised as well that any mashgiach that does any vegetable checking, must be trained by an expert. Do you do that? Evidently not. Why?

Any checking done must have all proper set-up & proper equipment, including but not limited to designated sinks, light box, shmatas, strainers, overhead working fluorescent or led lighting, etc. KCL does not follow those basics, Why?

A mashgiach does NOT wash vegetables / fruit. The caterers employees do the washing per instructions of the mashgiach, then the mashgiach checks. alef bais?, right?

BTW- A mashgiach that is doing the washing also, is not acceptable as a reliable mashgiach for infestation, nor for a kitchen mashgiach. (give a case or two of celery and a case of leek, some strawberries, etc. and you have him busy the entire day "of course all wet clothing", and no time for his real kitchen mashgiach job. Poshut!

I hope you realize that all of the above is not acceptable even in kashrus Organization that have minimum standards at best.

Your establishment are lacking in the above, please advise when they will be implemented. In the event you decide that you do not wish to advise re: the steps taken re: above, I will continue to keep publicizing these and other lacking standards.

I remain,
Yehuda Shain, president
Kosher Consumers Union, Inc

Ma Nishtana said...

Do you know the Ma Nishtana

Anonymous said...

I have been doing this for a while by certain Lakewood caterers, only a cup of water, and say my mazel-tovs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the water isn't even kosher!

Anonymous said...

אם הרב הריפרמי המתיר חפירת הקברים בבית שמש ועוד מקומות, יהי הערב יום ה' פרשת פנחס בעצרת של הבד"ץ בכיכר השבת נגד גזירת גיוס השמד, אז אסור ליילך לעצרת ולחזק בזה חפירת הקברים

אסור לנו לתמוך בחפירת קברי הקדמונים. ולעולם לזכור שחפירת קברי ישראל, זו כפירה גמורה בד' ית' שמו. אלו שאינם מאמינים בתחית המתים מתירים חפירת קברי יהודים ר"ל

אבל - אֲנִי כן מַאֲמִין בֶּאֱמוּנָה שְׁלֵמָה
שֶׁתִּהְיֶה תְּחִיַּת הַמֵּתִים בְּעֵת שֶׁיַעֲלֶה רָצוֹן מֵאֵת הַבּוֹרֵא יִתְבָּרַךְ שְׁמוֹ.
וְיִתְעַלֶּה זִכְרוֹ לָעַד וּלְנֵצַח נְצָחִים

Anonymous said...

On the end of the day - Bottom Line:
KCL is booming - any old or new store is under KCL
and Yudel is 'kvetching' 'burkoving' and otherwise having 'Agita' (feeling of agitation or anxiety) that KCL is booming away.
Its possible that Yudel is right but the 'buck stop art the bank'.
Go KCL Go!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the Chassidim get bigger in Lakewood. They have no need for Litvishe Hashgochs

ab said...

Yodel rambles while KCL grows. If there are real issues, let's expose them. Let's hear names, companies, times, products, etc.
Otherwise, no one is interested. Yudel calls for independent review but wont rest until hes the independent reviewer.

Anonymous said...

....wont rest until hes the independent reviewer.


wont rest until hes the 'not so' independent reviewer.