Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Quail eggs? So many calls lately.

There are may types of quail, most do not have any Mesorah at all. There is such an over abundance of food available with mesorahs according to everyone so why bother?

2. Are Guinea Fowl and Quail kosher? We would like to eat the eggs.

The Torah lists 24 species of non-kosher fowl. All others are permitted. However, over the years uncertainty has arisen over the identification of these birds. Therefore, Jews consider a fowl kosher only if there is a tradition that this species has always been considered kosher (as with chicken). There is no such tradition regarding Guinea Fowl and Quail, and therefore, they are not considered kosher.

The above is from the Star-K's site, if they couldn't find a way to use it, that's it- case closed

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