Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Don't use BRUNSWICK SARDINES ALERT- No Mashgiach Temidi? Why?

DON"T USE BRUNSWICK SARDINES, nor any sardines without a Mashgiach-Temidi
Crustaceans are being found in them, in one can after the other- They must all be recalled.
The following kashrus alert is from a reader's question and consultation with the OU and Bumble Bee on September 22, 2010.

A reader reported finding krill, a small crustacean similar in appearance to a small shrimp in some cans of Brunswick Sardines in Olive Oil. Sardines are a small herring and are a natural seafood product. The main components of the herring diet are krill and other zooplankton present in the ocean in which it lives.
Due to the feeding habits of the fish, krill may occasionally be present in a tin of sardines. Krill in the stomachs can bust out and appear in the can. This is a very rare occurrence. Bumble Bee reported that consumers reported approximately 20 incidences in over 20 million cans.

Ed. note: If you see this, do not eat the sardines and report the problem to the manufacturer, including all production and date codes.

The previous alert can be cited with the URL:

How could the Heimeshe hashgochas give a hashgocha on sardines with only one mashgiach? They can't.

All Sardine processers have crustaceans in the plant!

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