Thursday, November 04, 2010

Can one rely on a Hetter not a Psak?

I was by Rav Eliyashev, Shlita last Elul to discuss various kashrus issues. Rav Eliyashev changed the subject and wanted to know if all of the facts are known as far as the ships carrying liquid food items. I told him that some of the information was gathered but numerous ships and shipping routes it's still unclear as what's being hauled, and is no relatively fool proof system in tracking all of the shipments e.g. South America, etc.

Then Rav Eliyashev says והוא כבר עשה ההתירים שלו so I ask who is the Ruv speaking about that made his Heteirim רב בלסקי? He says yes,
He always makes heteirim before knowing all of the relevant facts pertaining to the issue, and he even sends people to me saying that I don't have the correct facts.

So I asked we can't rely on his "pisokim"? דאס איז היתירים נישט פסקים, רופט דאס נישט א פסק נאר א היתר.

I asked further, but he has מראה מקומות?  So Rav Eliyashev, Shlita said לא יכולין לסמוך על כל ההיתירים שלו בשום פנים ואופן.

So I asked further what's with רב בלסקי hetter on the operated cows that he says it's not a treifa? So Rav Eliyashev says, I have researched the whole issue with the operated cows and they are a treifa, the americana cows are the same as ours in Eretz Yisroel and it's treif, איך האב אייך שון געזאגט- מען טאר זיך נישט פארלזין אוף זיינע התירים-זייט געזונט.

Others have asked me "do you have it in writing"? No, I don't, But Rav Eliyashev would be more than happy to tell it to the heads of the OU and רב בלסקי.

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