Monday, November 15, 2010

Purchasing food for your employees

Some thought re: Purchasing food for your employees.

In general employers do not provide food for their employees. At times the situation is such that the employer does provide food for the employees. A caterer on an outside or out of town job would usually provide food for his employees. At a company party the food is generally provided by the employer.

If none of the employees are Jewish, may the employer serve non-kosher food which of course is cheaper? Can the employer serve pepperoni pizza? Is there a question of Bosur- bi’cholov, which is ossur-bi’hanoah? The pepperoni is cooked together with the cheese on the pizza pie.

Pepperoni is a spicy mix of beef & pork. Min Hatorah, if the meat is from a non-kosher breed it would not be bosur-bi’cholov. Pepperoni also has a large percentage of beef, therefore it is Osur-bi’hanoah.

Non kosher wine “stam-yau’num” would have the same issues, as it’s Ossur bi’hanoah.

Others have addressed when one may possibly serve or pay for non-kosher food for the employees. Pepperoni pizza or similar items would not be permitted in any case. One may not give the employee money to purchase his own pizza if the amount of money would indicate that it’s the price for a pepperoni pizza.

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