Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Ka$hru$ mi$nomer$

If one would glance at the full-page glossy ads in the ubiquitous Jewish magazine, it would seem that produce growers are falling over themselves to provide every possible green with the best of hechsherim, all while stating the various methods used to ascertain that one should not stumble and transgress these Biblical prohibitions.
 “Greenhouse Grown”, [are not insect free!]
 “Triple Washed”, [does not rid enough, to permit]
 “Insect Free”, [to those that are not trained]
 “Requires No Checking [not to be used after checking ]
scream out from the ads.

The Mishna Berura brings the Chasam sofer, that only trained individual with very good eyesight may checks infestation otherwise "don't use".

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